President Osmani met with a group of associations of the Albanian community in the USA

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, who is staying in New York where the 78th session of the United Nations Assembly is being held, upon the organization of the activist of the Albanian diaspora and philanthropic services Mr. Mark Gjonaj, met with a group of Albanian community organizations from Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Preshevë, Medvegjë, Bujanoc and Montenegro, which are active in the USA.

According to President Osmani, this meeting with the Albanian diaspora is evidence of strong and stable ties between the people of Kosovo, as well as the Albanian community in general with the United States of America.

In this context, President Osmani thanked the Albanian community, which, in addition to strengthening Kosovo’s ties with the USA, has helped the state of Kosovo in the processes of liberation, independence and state building.

“You are the driving force of many processes that Kosovo has gone through. Freedom and our state are the result of the continuous engagement of our expats here so, thank you for everything you have done and are still doing. We are still in need your engagement. Kosovo needs your support and that of the USA. I know that you do not hesitate, so we expect that together, without distinction, commit ourselves to strengthen our country, in addition to supporting and coordinating with our allies,” said President Osmani.

President Osmani also expressed the need to preserve and promote our culture and heritage in the United States, for which she said that the most important role is played by associations, which bring together Albanians.

In a conversation with the members of the diaspora, President Osmani said that Kosovo expects their support also in the field of investments. According to President Osmani, a suitable climate for investments has already been created in Kosovo and that investments from the diaspora are more than welcome.

Representatives of the associations that bring together Albanians in the USA thanked President Osmani for the meeting and expressed their steadfast support for Kosovo and their commitment to helping various initiatives aimed at the development and well-being of the state.

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