President Jahjaga’s speech on the occasion of the anniversary of death of patriot Fadil Vata

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, visited Theranda today and participated at the activities organised in memory of patriot Fadil Vata, on the anniversary of his death.

In a speech held on this occasion, Madam President highly praised the life and activities of Hero of Kosovo, Mr. Fadil Vata;

Honourable Mayor of Theranda, Mr. Kuçi,
Honourable representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honourable Mr. Ali Ahmeti,
Honourable collaborators of Hero of Kosovo, Mr. Fadil Vata,
Honourable veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army,
Honourable families of martyrs,
Honourable and most respected family of Mr. Fadil Vata,
Honourable citizens,

Erection of the statue of the Freedom activist and one of the foremost ideologists of the Albanian national cause in former Yugoslavia, of the Hero of Kosovo, Mr. Fadil Vata, on this 23rd anniversary of his death, honours the city of Theranda, honours Kosovo and all of us, while we remember with piety the wide ranging activities and attempts of the Albanians to win its freedom and independence and to decide its own fate. This, a basic right, denied to our nation and a nation violently suppressed by the ocupating system.

The force of the insurmountable youth of Kosovo, led by the Student Movement, achieved to shape their political program as a request for the Republic of Kosovo, as a precondition to feel equal in our lands, which preceded the request for freedom, independence and our liberating war, to once and for all get rid of the occupation and oppression of our fatherland.

Illegal patriotic organisation and publishing of periodicals made public the truth about the actual situation of the people and it mobilised the nation towards reaction and creation of the Kosovo Liberation Army, whose laudable war and NATO’s military intervention brought freedom, established the Republic of Kosovo, and independent and sovereign state, with a clear vision towards EU and NATO membership and in eternal friendship with the United States of America.

All this is the journey of Hero of Kosovo, Fadil Vata and his collaborators and brothers in ideals, who gave their utmost contribution in order for our national cause to be solved justly; in order that we today enjoy our state and freely work for the future of our fatherland, always having the activities of this group of young men and women as our guide.

Time during which the generation of Fadil Vata, Agim Zhitia, Fahri Fazliu worked and lived was a difficult one, time which they successfuly challenged with work, engagements and great sacrifices, thus becoming leading ideas for the rest of our liberation movements.

Eternal glory to the name and activities of the patriot Fadil Vata, eternal honour and respect.

May you hold and honour with pride the statue of the Hero of Kosovo, Fadil Vata.

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