President Jahjaga’s speech on the occasion of marking of the April 27th, Kosovo Missing Person’s Day

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, took part today at the central manifestation marking April 27th, Kosovo Missing Person’s Day, held in Mejë, municipality of Gjakova.

In her speech held during the manifestation, President Jahjaga said:

Honourable representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honourable Mayor of Gjakova,
Honourable veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army,
Honourable martyr family members,
Honourable family members of the missing persons, who have for the past 14 years lived in agony expecting news about your beloved ones,
Honourable citizens;

In these anniversaries of great pain, we gather together to remember our dearly beloved: our children, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, our dearest and closest people, who sacrificed for fatherland, who were killed and massacred, and dead and alive were taken away in order to erase the traces of heinous crimes committed in our lands by the occupator, by the police, the paramilitary forces, military forces assisted by the various gangs, with the sole purpose being the cleansing of the territory, committing of ethnic cleansing and change the national structure of the population. Their only motive for committing these crimes was the fact that these martyrs were Albanians.

Honourable fellow citizens,

Republic of Kosovo today, is a sovereign and independent state, on a clear path towards integration into European Union and eternal friendship with the United States of America. Today we are free to jointly with our international friends build a safer present and a safer future, better for all of us and for the coming generations. An occupator’s boot shall never again set foot on our lands!

Republic of Kosovo is a civic state. A country of free and equal people, irrespective of their national or religious background.

We are building our state and relations between people based on love and understanding and not on hatred.

We are building a state of rule of law and order, which means that all criminals will be facing justice and will be receiving the deserved punishment for their heinous acts.

Honourable citizens,

Meja massacre is one of the heaviest blows that the enemy that enemy tried on our nation. A large number of people fell as victims, not sparing even the children or the elderly.

Occupator undertook this act with aim to incite the movement of population and to commit ethnic cleansing, to hit hard at our hearts by murdering our beloved ones, aiming to kill our desire for freedom, for independence and democracy.

As the President of the country, I tell you that, as institutions, and with the help of the international missions, we will never stop until we bring all these perpetrating criminals to face the justice. There is and there will not be an amnesty for them. There is no place where they can hide.

Honourable fellow citizens,

Bowing and honouring at this eternal place of rest of the martyrs of our Albanian nation, of all faiths and creeds, who placed their lives at the altar of freedom, is in honour of their lives, their dreams and their ideals, which he have brought to life by now, and is also a reminder to all of us that freedom and independence was gained with lots of sacrifice and effort.

Eternal honour and memory for our most beloved ones, who we miss so much today.

Eternal glory to them.

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