President Jahjaga’s speech at the reception held in honour of the sixth anniversary of the Republic of Kosovo

On the sixth anniversary of the declaration of the independence of Republic of Kosovo, we honour the vision, endeavours and the unwavering dedication of many a generations, which passed the spirit of freedom and democracy to the coming generations.

Honourable Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Krasniqi,
Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Thaçi,
Honourable Ministers and Heads of the Institutions of Republic of Kosovo,
Honourable Ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic missions in Kosovo,
Honourable families of martyrs and activists who have contributed for an independent Kosovo,
Honourable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,
Ladies and Gentlemen;
On the sixth anniversary of the declaration of the independence of Republic of Kosovo, we honour the vision, endeavours and the unwavering dedication of many a generations, which passed the spirit of freedom and democracy to the coming generations.
Today, when we have already laid the foundations of our statehood, and when we are marking this sixth anniversary of independence, of an ideal for which many generations have sacrificed, we demonstrate our resilience and determination to make this ideal come true.
On this sixth anniversary, we honour all those men and women of friendly countries, USA and EU, who strongly supported our just and human cause, in defence of the universal principles of freedom and equality.
Upon these principles we built the state of Kosovo, with an ambition to become part of the democratic states and societies, in which the civic principle is its founding stone, and in which religious and ethnic differences constitute the wealth and the values of the state.
This vision promotes tolerance, understanding and peace, and above all guarantees to everyone freedom and equal rights in order to build a better future.
On each anniversary, year after year, we have marked together the achievements and the challenges reached on our path towards fulfilment of this vision of the values of freedom and democracy, for a democratic state of Kosovo, a state of all of its citizens, promoter of peace and stability, a land of opportunites and an equal member of the family of free nations.
Therefore, independence of Kosovo is irreversible and untouchable, on each part of its territory and for each of its equal citizens; it is a reality recognised by the world, an important factor of the neighbourly relations in the region.
This is our state, with a clear ambition to become part of the European Union and NATO, and by all means of all other international organisations.
Nevertheless, there still remains a considerable road ahead in order to consolidate our democracy, to establish the rule of law and order in all parts of the territory of our Republic and to build an incorrupt state.
Difficulties faced by our country today are the difficulties of transition with which other countries of democratic world had to deal with, which quite often slow down the democratic processes and the integrative journey.
However, we have demonstrated that we remain faithful to our vision and ideal of an advanced and progressive state, and we stand together in fulfilment of this vision.
Honourable citizens,
This sixth anniversary finds us with a more consolidated democracy, in continuous endeavours to make the economy of our country more developed, and by all means dedicated to the advancement of processes which lead us to the European integration.
Six years of statehood stand for years of endeavours towards creation of an all inclusive state, where each and everyone enjoys its rights and where responsibilities and obligations, as well as the benefits of a wealthy and an advanced state- are equal.
History of violence and conflicts, of hegemony and repression has ended and has opened the way to the path of integration and cooperation, a path of mutual respect and understanding, a path of building of a better future.
Kosovo is a state of all of its citizens regardless, of people who are joined in their common aim of EU integration, an unshakeable aspiration of our people.
On this sixth anniversary, when we get together to celebrate our achievements, we need to remember that the present will lay the basis of the future. Therefore, we aim to build a state of law, a state where law rules and where each citizen feels safe and equal.
We still have a lot to do on our path of state building. We still have to demonstrate that our democracy will developed through laying of the foundations of a clean, incorrupt state of law, a state developed in all relevant fields.
We must open our perspective through the expansion of broad reforms, which will enable a faster progress of our country on the path of integrations, reforms which, however hard and painful, allow for a better future.
We must create the necessary conditions for an economic development and foreign development, which will help the young generations contribute for their country.
This is the burden and the task of all of us- Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo- who love this country. Hence, it is  a joint responsibility of ours to lay this foundations of the developed democracy and to advance our European integration processes.
The present is in our own hands and we shall build it together. As we are at this celebration of our State’s holiday.
Congratulations Kosovo!!

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