President Jahjaga’s message on the occasion of May 9th, Europe Day

On May the 9th, we mark the 63rd anniversary of the initiation of the historic project which culminated with creation of the European Union. This day, known as Europe Day, symbolizes the aspiration of the European nations to live in peace, democracy and prosperity, based upon the common values of freedom, rule of law and respect for the human rights.

This date finds the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo united around these values and around the vision of integration into the European family. It finds us at an important moment for the European future of our country, at the threshold of the opening of negotiations for the Stabilisation-Association Agreement with the European Union, which confirms the success achieved so far, success which opens the way towards full integration into European Union.

Integration into EU depends upon us, upon the institutions and the citizens, upon our will and engagement to prove that we are indeed a part of Europe and its values. There is no shortcut for membership into EU and we are not interested in shortcuts. It is of interest to us to fulfil all the conditions, because only in such a manner we may build a stable state, an all inclusive society and a consolidated democracy. Reforms which we need to undertake will not be undertaken only for the sake of European integration but for our own wellbeing, for our citizen and the future of coming generations.

On this day, we express our appreciation to the institutions and member countries of the European Union, for their continuous support to the EU enlargement policy for our region and the European perspective of the Republic of Kosovo. The historic vision of a United Europe will not be complete for as long as all the countries of the Western Balkans have not become its members.

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