President Jahjaga’s Easter Day Message

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, sent a felicitatory message to Monsignor Dodë Gjergji, Bishop of the Diocese of Kosovo, and to all Catholic believers, on the occasion of Easter Holyday.

The felicitatory note states:

Honourable Bishop,
Honourable believers,

I convey to you my best wishes on the occasion of Easter Holyday. I desire that this holiday, which marks the resurrection of human spirit and renewal of faith in God, finds all of you among friends and loved ones, in peace and in joy.
I wish that this holyday helps us reflect about our present and our future and increase our human values of love and respect for each other.

On this day, we remember all those who are no longer among us, thus let us respect their life, their values and their deeds, which enabled us to be where we are today.

In the same manner, let this holyday serve us show our solidarity with all the people in need of our help and respect. Let us show today the human spirit which has accompanied us for centuries and decades.

On this big day, let us pray for love and wellbeing among people, for peace of all mankind.

Happy Easter.

Atifete Jahjaga,
President of the Republic of Kosovo 

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