President Jahjaga was received by the Senate and the Chamber of the Representatives of the Kingdom of Netherlands

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, was received today at the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives of the Kingdom of Netherlands; by Ms. Ankie Broekers-Knol, Senate Chairwoman and, Ms. Anouchka van Miltenburg, Chairwoman of the Chamber of Representatives.

President Jahjaga, Ms. Broekers-Knol and Ms. Van Miltenburg, discussed the actual developments in Kosovo, relations between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, the state building process as well as the Euro-Atlantic integration process of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga emphasized the importance of relations between Republic of Kosovo and Kingdom of Netherlands, and the help and support that this state has provided and continues to do so for Kosovo. President Jahjaga said that the cooperation between the Parliament of Kosovo and the Senate of the Dutch Chamber of Representatives must be expanded as this will help strengthen the parliamentary democracy in Kosovo.

Madam President said that Republic of Kosovo has made important advances in its European path, and emphasized the importance of the continuation of the support by Kingdom of Netherlands for Kosovo on this path, as this would at the same time help the stability and peace for the whole region of South-Eastern Europe.

She also said that the European perspective for the whole region must remain open, and added that in relations between Kosovo and Serbia, implementation of all agreements reached in Brussels must be monitored by EU, inclusive of Holland, which would be used as an evaluation for Serbia’s EU integration perspective.

President Jahjaga also spoke about the latest developments, with particular emphasis on the municipal elections held on the whole territory of the Republic of Kosovo at the same time, and stated that they were free and democratic. She also said that integration of the Serbian community, residing in the northern municipalities of the country of the Republic of Kosovo, has been made possible through holding of these elections, and this will also help other democratic processes of the country.

Madam President said that republic of Serbia must implement the agreement reached in Brussels by ending the support for parallel and illegal structures in the north of the country and by building of god neighbourly relations with Republic of Kosovo.

Senate Chairwoman, Ms. Ankie Broekers-Knol and Chairwoman of the Chamber of Representatives, Ms. Anouchka van Milt burg, congratulated President Jahjaga for the achievements which Kosovo has made in the last years and for the path of normalisation of relations with Republic of Serbia. They expressed their interest for a number of issues related to Ksoovo, especially those related to the continuation of the process of normalisation of relations with Republic of Serbia.

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