President Jahjaga visited the survived students of the accident in the Military Hospital of Tirana

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, together with the President of the Republic of Albania, Bamir Topi, visited in the Military Hospital of Tirana the students of the University, “Alexander Xhuvani” of Elbasan, who survived the severe traffic accident in Himara.

President Jahjaga and President Topi talked with the students who survived from the accident, to whom they expressed their condolences for the loss of their peers in the accident and expressed wishes for more rapid recovery

“It is a big tragedy, but you must have the will, to always bear in mind the image of your colleagues, the goals and the commitments that you have shared together. This should give you strength to bear the pain and get involved in your life. I express a special thanks for the commitment of the teams and medical personnel and for the shown solidarity of all the citizens of Albania”, said during the visit President Jahjaga.

Whereas, in a press statement, after the visit to the Military Hospital, President Jahjaga said: “I express the deep condolences of the people of Kosovo, the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the condolences to the friends, family members, the people of Albanian and to you President Topi. We feel with you the big grief that has befallen us for this grave tragedy. We are with family members and relatives in their courage to find strength and comfort, always bearing in remembrance our loved ones, for their youth, for their dreams”.

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