President Jahjaga visited the Novobërda, Kaçanik, and Hani i Elezit municipalities

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, continued today with the visits around the municipalities of Kosovo, part of the initiative for the empowerment of the economic development, support to local businesses and creation of conditions for foreign investments in our country.

Accompanied by the Chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Safet Gërxhaliu, Chairman of the America Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Arian Zeka and the Executive Director of the German Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Albert Matoshi, President Jahjaga initially visited the Municipality of Novobërda, where she was received by the Mayor, Mr. Svetislav Ivanovic. Mr. Ivanovic informed Madam President and leaders of the chambers of commerce with the developmental specifics of the municipality he leads, and with steps undertaken towards greater business support, as well as with the problems faced by businesses which conduct their activities in this municipality.

President Jahjaga’s next point of visit was the municipality of Kaçanik. Mayor of this municipality, Mr. Besim Ilazi, informed President Jahjaga with the overall situation in his municipality and elaborated on the specific cases related to business, including the difficulties and problems they face, and asked for support from central institutions and bodies which represent businesses, in order to ensure a more sustainable economic development, which would in turn bring more work places and wellbeing to the residents.

After the meeting with the Mayor, President Jahjaga visited the “Kivo” factory in this town, which produces flexible plastic packaging, built with mixed Dutch-Kosovar capital.

Its leaders informed Madam President with the work carried out at this factory, the perspective of further Dutch-Kosovar investment and difficulties which they currently face.

Third municipality visited by President Jahjaga today was the municipality of Hani i Elezit. Refki Suma, Mayor of this municipality, presented an overview of the situation in this municipality and its specifics. He also spoke about problems faced by businesses conducting their activities in this municipality and the engagements of the local government to come to their help.

At a statement made after the visit to Hani i Elezit, President Jahjaga said:

Together with the three Chambers of Commerce, Kosovar, American and German one, we had an exceptionally good meeting with the Mayor, where we received detailed information related to the economic situation in the Hani i Elezit municipality. We also discussed the difficulties and challenges which Mayor and Municipality management face, and opportunities offered by this municipality.

What we heard here today, particularly what we heard related to challenges, does not change much from what we heard in other municipalities, problems mainly related to the issue of property, bureaucratic procedures, and specific problems of rule of law and efficient fighting of corruption.

Specificity of this municipality, as well as of the municipality of Kaçanik, which we visited little earlier, is the large percentage of young residents, a characteristic of the rest of Kosovo as vell, but these municipalities have a larger percentage of younger residents, to which we must pay a greater importance, to the opening of perspectives to them, so that they do not see their future in causes which are not only a risk to our national security but to their own lives as well. Private sector has an important role to play in this, to offer a better perspective to our youngsters.

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