President Jahjaga visited the municipalities of Fushë Kosova, Vushtrri, Skenderaj and Gllogoc

As part of the visits to municipalities of Kosovo aiming to support economic development, President Jahjaga today visited the municipalities of Fushë Kosova, Vushtrri, Skenderaj and Gllogoc.

At separate meetings held with Mayor of Fushë Kosova, Mr. Burim Berisha, Mayor of Vushtrri Mr. Bajram Mulaku, Deputy Mayor of Skenderaj, Mr. Fadil Nura and Mayor of Gllogoc, Mr. Nexhat Demaku, President Jahjaga obtained detailed information on problems which these municipalities face in the fields of economic development, support to local businesses and attraction of foreign investments.

Chairmen of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce and German Chamber of Commerce, Messrs. Safet Gërxhaliu, Arian Zeka, and Albert Matoshi accompanied President Jahjaga as in previous visits to the municipalities, and presented the problems with which businesses they represent are facing and presented ideas for their overcoming, in function of expansion of economic development and creation of new work places.

President Jahjaga, at a statement given to media after the visit to Vushtrri, said:

Today I have continued with the visits to Kosovo’s municipalities. Earlier we had a meeting with the Mayor of Fushë Kosovo and now we had a very productive meeting with the Mayor of Vushtrri.

I am also accompanied by the Chairmen of the Kosovo, American and German Chambers of Commerce.

We had an opportunity to discuss in detail the level of economic development of Vushtrri municipality with the mayor, for opportunities offered by this municipality and for problems they face, aiming to incite a very necessary dialogue, which has not occurred to date, targeting the economic development, increase of employment rates and increase in foreign and local investments in the country.

We know that economic development is more than necessary and that economic development is a guarantor of further stability of the country, and that it also contributes to country’s integrative processes. 

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