President Jahjaga visited Kllokot, Gjilan, Kamenica and Ranillug

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, continued today with the visits around the municipalities of Kosovo, as part of the joint initiative with chambers of commerce, and aiming to discuss the challenges of the economic development, support to businesses and establishment of allowances for them, with particular emphasis on attraction of foreign investments in Kosovo.

President Jahjaga first visited the municipality of Kllokot, where she was received by Mayor Srecko Spasic, followed by municipality of Gjilan, where she spoke with Mayor Lutfi Haziri, municipality of Kamenica where she spoke with Mayor Begzad Sinani, and her visits ended in municipality of Ranillug, where she was received by Mayor Gradimir Mikic.

Mayors informed President Jahjaga with the developments in the field of economy in their respective municipalities, especially with the endeavours undertaken by local government in support of business.

They also presented a number of problems in this field, occurring either due to problems related to central government or due to other problems.

The meetings were also attended by the chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Safet Gërxhaliu, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr Arian Zeka and Chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Albert Matoshi.

They presented the problems which businesses face, both local and international, with investment interests in Kosovo, and presented the options for local and central government on how to best help businesses and ensure growth and economic development, resulting in creation in new work places.

At a statement made during the visit, President Jahjaga said:

We are here today in the municipality of Gjilan, together with the Mayor and the chairmen of the Kosovo, American and German chambers of commerce, as part of the initiative commenced about two weeks ago, which aims to secure meetings with majority of mayors in Kosovo and to discuss in detail the economic situation in these municipalities.

Today with the Mayor we had  very intensive talks related to he level of economic development in Gjilan municipality, problems they are facing and to tell the truth, issues discussed today, related to the responsibilities and problems faced by the municipalities, do not differ much from meetings we had during the last few days.

Mainly, problems are engrained in legal aspect, administrative aspect, as well as political aspect, and all this aims to see the modalities of early intervention in order to overcome these difficulties, these problems, so that we can attract investments in Kosovo, especially foreign ones, which are connected to the improvement of the wellbeing of our citizens and amelioration of the unemployment in Kosovo.

Mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Lutfi Haziri said:

Local economic development is the primary task of the municipalities, because it is us who guarantee local economic development, by offering opportunities for investors, and the issue which President of the Republic underlined, that it is the high time that institutions of Kosovo pay more attention, care and dedication to local economic development and overall economic development.

Gjilan has been nominated as the city with investment opportunities, as the best city for doing business in South-Eastern Europe. We offer potential and good practices. We are a municipality with zero tax rates for business registration. We are also a municipality which can offer development to both local and external investors. We have good examples, and there is also declared interest and, as I informed Madam President, we also have bureaucratic problems, the need to reform the land law, the property law and forests agency. Also there are concrete activities, which I believe the government will undertake, following the suggestions and engagements resulting from today’s meeting.

Gjilan remains the part of Anamorava with greatest economic potential, and with the support of President and the chairmen of the strongest chambers of commerce in Kosovo, we will be able to utilize this potential in order to give development opportunities to this part of Kosovo.

Chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Safet Gërxhaliu said:

It is of a particular importance the fact that we are here today together with the President and we are meeting the Mayor of Gjilan, one of the most active mayors. We would like to, through such a visit, generate multi dimensional effects. These visits are not only for economic opportunities, even though we want to prioritize economy, they are also motivational, because as we are witnesses of a rather burdening political agenda, it is time that we give greater dedication to the economy.

The fact that President has shown readiness empowers us even more, as representatives of businesses. What is most essential is the lack of communication between central and local level. We usually think that problems must only be solved in Prishtina and that municipal problems are visible from Prishtina. But, these visits bring to surface many difficulties faced by local governments, starting with property problems, with Kosovo Property Agency, Forestry Agency, public procurement which favours the lowest price and not the quality and sustainability.

We must work harder to create new work places, because as it seems, this is the greatest challenge of the municipalities, and of the whole of Kosovo, and the main aim of President’s readiness is to indeed declare a joint war on unemployment, as one of the greatest enemies of this time period. 

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