President Jahjaga received the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee, with whom she discussed the actual developments in Kosovo, normalisation of relations with republic of Serbia under the auspices of the dialogue process being held in Brussels and fulfilment of obligations towards international community.

President Jahjaga stated that agreement achieved in Brussels on judicial issues is seen as positive and as the first step in establishment of law and order in the northern part of Kosovo through a country wide unique judicial system, and in respect of the laws of Kosovo, and added that the dialogue process must be fully transparent and open to the citizens of Kosovo.

She said that Kosovo continues to remain dedicated to full normalisation of relations with Republic of Serbia, as this opens the European integrations path for both countries and will as well expedite these processes.

Madam President also said that Kosovo must be included in the visa liberalisation process and must conclude the SAA with EU, as an important step to the citizens of the country and their future and their perspective. Madam President informed Mr. Yee with latest developments in Kosovo and with the phenomenon of migration of citizens and with the engagements undertaken which aim to meet with citizens and discuss with hem their needs, worries and reasons for their exodus. President Jahjaga added that institutions must do more in establishment of the rule of law and order and economic development of the country, which will in turn allow for creation of new workplaces and will help citizen’s perspective.

President Jahjaga said that Kosovo is fulfilling its obligations towards international community in the field of justice and informed Mr, Yee with the engagement of all institutions in the comprehensive process of the establishment of Special Tribunal.

Madam President also said that Kosovo must be included in all international mechanisms, especially security mechanisms, emphasizing the need for establishment of contractual relations with NATO and its inclusiveness in the Partnership for Peace programme. According to Madam President, this is an important moment when transformation of Kosovo Security Force into the Kosovo Armed Forces is due to happen, and thanked the government of the USA for the help provided to this process.
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee, congratulated President Jahjaga on her leadership and conduction of the whole process of dialogue facilitation between the leaders of political parties, which resulted with the solution to the institutional crisis and creation of institutions of Kosovo. Mr. Yee praised the recommencement of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and signing of the agreement between two Prime Ministers in Brussels and said that this process must continue, as it leads to normalisation of relations and ensures stability in the Balkan region.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said that Kosovo must work on the strengthening of rule of law and order, deepen the reforms in the country and by working on the economic development it also helps Kosovo’s clear European perspective.

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