President Jahjaga received the acting Chief State Prosecutor, Mr. Sylë Hoxha

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the acting Chief State Prosecutor, Mr. Sylë Hoxha, whom she initially congratulated on the task entrusted to him by the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, and emphasized the importance of work and engagement at the very top of such an important state institution.

Expressing her support for the State Prosecution, President Jahjaga emphasized the extraordinary role this institution has in combating of organised crime and corruption and assuring of the rule of law and order in Kosovo. President Jahjaga stated that fighting of the extremism and radicalism is a primary role of all the institutions of the country and full engagement of the State Prosecution in this direction is necessary and crucial for the guaranteeing of stability and security in the country.

President Jahjaga and the acting Chief State Prosecutor also discussed the activities of the institution of the State Prosecutor, its proceedings, engagements and challenges, as well as the advancement and professionalization of this institution.

Acting Chief State Prosecutor, Mr. Sylë Hoxha, thanked President Jahjaga for the support provided to the institution of the State Prosecutor and expressed readiness to engage in his tenure for provision of results. He stated that institution of the State Prosecutor is an important link of the security mechanisms in Kosovo and said that this institution requires an increase in the number of prosecutors in order to increase the efficiency of its work.

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