President Jahjaga received President of Panama, Mr. Ricardo Martinelli

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the President of Panama, Mr. Ricardo Martinelli, who was accompanied by the Foreign Affairs Minister of Panama, Mr. Francisco Alvarez de Soto and Minister of Economy and Industry Mr. Ricardo Quijano. President Martinelli is visiting Kosovo on an invitation from President Jahjaga and was received with highest state honours.

During a very warm and cordial meeting, President Jahjaga and President Martinelli spoke about  the expansion of mutual cooperation between the two countries, foreign investments, international consolidation of Kosovo and the furthering of the number of recognitions from the states of the Central and South American regions.

President Jahjaga, welcoming President Martinelli, said that Kosovo and Panama are building excellent mutual relation and that deepening of cooperation is needed in particular in the field of economic development. She also added that help oh Panama is required for the process of new recognition from states of Latin America, which will help the consolidation of the statehood of Kosovo and its international position.

President of Panama, Mr. Ricardo Martinelli, while thanking President Jahjaga for the hospitality, emphasized that his country will help Kosovo in its international consolidation and its democratic processes. President Martinelli announced that he has included Kosovo in the list of friendly countries enjoying visa free travel and employment opportunities for citizens of Kosovo. He also stated that Panama is interested to conclude substantial agreements with Republic of Kosovo, especially ones in the field of economy and investments.

President Martinelli is visiting Kosovo only a few months after official visit undertaken by President Jahjaga to Panama.

Both Presidents, after the bilateral meeting, issued media statements. Following is President Jahjaga’s statement in full:
I would like to wish a warm welcome to President Martinelli and the whole delegation of friendly country of Panama to the Republic of Kosovo. This is a very first official visit of a President of Panama to Republic of Kosovo, which aims to strengthen, expand and deepen relations between our two countries and our two nations.

President Martinelli’s visit to Kosovo is taking place only few months after my visit to Panama, where I enjoyed a warm and exceptional hospitality by the people of Panama.

With President Martinelli we had an exceptionally amicable and fruitful discussion related to furthering of our engagements in advancing of the relations between our two states in various fields in mutual interest. With Mr. President we discussed in particular the  possibilities for the expansion of economic  and trade cooperation between our two states, emphasizing the need for creation of the investment climate in Kosovo, and the help of the state of Panama in the process of Kosovo’s international recognition by other states of the Central and South American regions.

I informed President Martinelli with the advances we have achieved in the process of state building and democratic consolidation, establishment of an all inclusive state with equal opportunities for  all ots citizens regardless. Republic of Kosovo is a country which is building its future on the principle of good neighbourliness in the Balkan region and has become a country which guarantees security, peace and stability not only in the region but also beyond.

I thanked President Martinelli for his leadership and for the support of the people of Panama for Kosovo. President Martinelli, you are an exceptional friend of the people and the state of Kosovo, and you have become a strong  partner of Republic of Kosovo in Central and South America, for the help provided to the process of consolidation of international subjectivity of Kosovo and influencing countries of Central and South America to recognise the reality of our state and to continue lobbying for the recognition of the independence of Republic of Kosovo.

Republic of Kosovo aims its membership in all international organisations, particularly the UN, and Panama’s help on this is absolutely necessary.

We agreed with President Martinelli on the existence of a great scope for economic cooperation between our two countries and at the same time I informed M. President on the efforts we have undertaken and will be undertaking on the field of further reforms for easing of foreign investments in our country.

We also agreed to continue to strengthen future cooperation. We expect to materialize this cooperation through signing of certain agreements on the field of economy, culture, education and investments. We have already signed two agreements between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the non-resident Ambassador of Panama to the Republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo and Panama are two amicable countries. Panama is one of the first countries of Central and South America to recognise the independence of Kosovo, while Kosovo has opened one of its first embassies in this part of the world. We share common democratic values even though we are physically far away from each other. We see many bridges of cooperation between our two countries. We agreed to, apart from the visa liberalisation, to have further benefits in relation to the work permits for citizens of republic of Kosovo.

President Martinelli, once again thank you for your visit. Kosovo will be a friend and a strong partner of Panama in the region of South Eastern Europe.

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