President Jahjaga received by the President of Germany, Mr. Joachim Gauc

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, was received today with high military honours by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Joachim Gauck.

During a very amicable meeting, President Jahjaga and President Gauck discussed the issues of common interest, bilateral relations between the two countries, Kosovo’s European integration process as well as democratic developments in the country.

President Jahjaga initially expressed the gratitude of the people of Kosovo to the Federal Republic of Germany’s support for Kosovo, a multidimensional support which has touched all the aspects of the rebuilding of the state of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga also expressed the gratitude for the political support that Germany has given to the NATO air campaign 14 years ago, in order to provide the people of Kosovo with the opportunity, first one in their recent history, to enjoy the freedom, and for the first tome to be able to build their future and be the lords of their own fate.

President Jahjaga emphasized that Germany has continued to help Kosovo on its European perspective and underlined the importance of its support on the process of further democratization of Kosovo. She added that Kosovo is not seeking short cuts on its European path, because Kosovo is in need of deep reforms which will be beneficial to the citizens of Kosovo themselves.

Madam President also said that Kosovo needs to be included in the visa liberalisation process, as it is the only country in the region not included in this process and emphasized that this issue remains as a very important one to the citizens of Kosovo.
Institutions of Kosovo continue to remain dedicated to the fulfilment of all the criteria, said President Jahjaga, asking for the support of Germany for a successful conclusion of this issue.

Speaking in relation to the normalisation and stabilisation of Kosovo and the region, she classified the dialogue process with the Republic of Serbia as the only way forward for the advancement of the European agenda of both countries and achievement of the foreclosure of a very burdensome chapter of the history. Madam President emphasized that Kosovo and Serbia have achieved agreements as part of the Brussels dialogue process, mediated by EU and strongly supported by the USA, which must be implemented in full.

President Jahjaga also added that both countries must be monitored for the successful implementation of the agreement, because the conclusion of the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia in the political plain is the only guarantee that South-Eastern Europe will live in peace and embrace the European values.

President Jahjaga emphasized that this dialogue process- after the exhaustion of all the outstanding issues between the two sovereign and independent countries, must be concluded with the signing of a treaty with a legal weight- which will become the basis upon which both countries will undertake the responsibilities for their individual EU membership.

Madam President also emphasized that EU membership is extremely important for the future of the citizens of Kosovo and is the only path for the region, as it is the only agenda which joins all of us together, regardless.

President of the Republic of Kosovo stated that establishment of the rule of law and order in the whole territory of the Republic of Kosovo, particularly in the northern part of its territory, is of an utmost importance as it will help the advancement of the democratic processes in the country. She added that the integration of the Serbian community into the social and institutional life of the Republic of Kosovo is necessary, in order for them to enjoy the benefits guaranteed by the Constitution of Kosovo and take upon themselves the responsibilities as every other citizen of Kosovo.

Madam President said that a test of the readiness of the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia to traverse the path of the normalisation of relations will be the next municipal elections which will be held in Kosovo on November 3rd, which are the first ever elections to be held on the whole territory of Kosovo at the same time. Madam President stated that institutions of Kosovo have appealed to the citizens of Serb ethnicity to take part in as bigger numbers as possible in these elections, in order to elect their legal and legitimate representatives and become part of the integrated part of the society and the institutions of Kosovo.

President of the Republic of Germany, Mr. Joachim Gauck, wishing President Jahjaga a warm welcome, praised the relations between two countries as excellent. He said that Germany has remained side by side with Kosovo during all the stages and will continue to support Kosovo in its democratic processes and its European path.

President Gauck also said that Kosovo’s, as well as that of the rest of the region, European perspective is clear and stated the necessity for the achievement of necessary standards and fulfilment of criteria. President of the Federal Republic of Germany also expressed his interest in other political developments in Kosovo, economic development and the opportunities for foreign investments in Kosovo.

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