President Jahjaga participated in the panel “Women World Leaders”

The third International Summit “Women in the World” has developed its proceedings on its third day, initially with the panel on “Women World leaders”, which was also attended by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga. Also part of the panel was Jane Harman, former U.S. Congresswoman and director of the Woodrow Wilson Center, who announced the membership of President Jahjaga in the Council “Women World Leaders”.

“I have a special announcement: The President of Kosovo, Jahjaga, is not only the youngest leader in the world, at her 36 years of age she holds this post and she leads a very important country in the Balkans, as the first woman, but she is also the youngest member of the Council “Women World Leaders”, which is a group of women leaders of states and governments throughout the world. There were only 53 women who have reached this management level in our history since the 1960s. President Jahjaga becomes the 47th member of this Council and I am happy to make this announcement and to congratulate you on your leadership, Madam President”, she said.

Expressing thanks to Mrs. Harman, the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, said she is honored to be a member of very prestigious Council which offers the possibility of increasing from a local level to the international level. President Jahjaga said that the gender and woman issue is a global issue.

“The gender and the woman issue is not a matter of only one country and individual issues but this has more to do with global efforts. The transition from local to global level is a major task and responsibility. Kosovo is a country after the conflict and the role of the woman in my country has been great and constructive. Just as Secretary Albright said – Kosovo is a place where genocide and rape of women have occurred and it has not been easy to arrive here. Thirteen years after – Kosovo is estimated to be a stable country which promotes peace and stability”, said President Jahjaga.

She said that the woman in Kosovo has played an important role in the processes in Kosovo.

“The woman has played a vital role in all processes, over the period of war but in particular in the processes of peace and reconciliation. I’ve been a member of the security mechanism, I have been among the first women in this mechanism, I have been one of the leaders of this mechanism and I am upgraded to leading levels of the Police Organization”, said President Jahjaga.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo also spoke about the commitment in the fight against corruption and organized crime and the role of women in this process.

Just like all other countries of the world Kosova also faces the global phenomenon of crime across borders. “I have taken the lead, as President of the country, to create a Council which is a coordinating body of the institutions in Kosovo, with the aim of combating corruption and in particular to change the perception, which is one side of this phenomenon, but it also deals with the issue of the woman: Can she do such a thing, TO be put in the forefront of the fight against corruption? I say yes, we can do it”, said President Jahjaga.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo also spoke about the challenges and stressed the necessity of establishing a balance between the global challenges and the local ones. She said there should be a greater collaboration between women’s organizations and networks at local, regional and international level. President Jahjaga said that the woman should be more involved in governing bodies.

“We need to make sure there are more women in decision making bodies and in legislative ones”, said President Jahjaga, on the third day of the Summit “Women in the World”.

During the day President Jahjaga has met a number of Summit participants, including the U.S. Ambassador on global and woman issues, Melanne Verveer, and the world famous actress Meryl Streep.

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