President Jahjaga met with the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga met today with the Secretary General of NATO, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The NATO Secretary, Rasmussen, praised the visit of the President to Brussels and her meetings with senior European officials, as good and productive in the clear presentation of the current issues and the vision of Kosovo.

He said that the peacekeeping force of NATO, KFOR, continues to play an important role in maintaining a peaceful and safe environment in Kosovo, and praised her work in carrying out the mandate.

Mr. Rasmussen said that NATO was concerned with the situation created in northern Kosovo, but welcomed its relaxation in the recent weeks. He said that NATO gives strong support to the KFOR commander and assessed that the agreement of understanding reached with the parties has calmed the situation.

The NATO Secretary said that it is important to find a lasting solution and called for greater progress in the field. He said that partition of Kosovo is not a solution.

Mr. Rasmussen said that the commitment of the institutions of Kosovo for the integration of communities is of great importance for the future of the country. He considered the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia mediated by the EU very important and useful.

Secretary General, Rasmussen said that NATO will continue to assist in the capacity building of the Kosovo Security Force and will scrutinize the future of the force.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, said that the peacekeeping force of NATO in Kosovo is the most valued and respected institution, which contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability.

President Jahjaga said that the action of the Kosovo Police, at the border crossings 1 of 31 was the decision of the Government for the implementation of reciprocity measures and was in full compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the country. She said that the full control across the border between Kosovo and Serbia, with the aim to prevent illegal crossing and smuggling, demonstrates the commitment of the state of Kosovo to control its territorial integrity and its sovereignty. She said that the continuation of the state before the 25th of July, in the north of Kosovo, would leave consequences to both countries and for the whole region.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo said that the local institutions are committed to normalize the situation and praised the achievement of an agreement mediated by KFOR.

President Jahjaga said that partition of Kosovo is not a solution and stressed that the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia need to shape their future in the EU, as two independent states.
She said that Kosovo’s integration into Euro-Atlantic structures is very important for the country and stressed that all citizens of Kosovo are oriented towards EU integration. The President stressed that despite the fact that the state of Kosovo has not yet been recognized by four NATO countries the modality must be found that Kosovo can participate in the NATO Partnership for Peace.
The President of the Republic of Kosovo considered NATO’s assistance in the preparation and training of the Kosovo Security Force in fulfilling the full operational capabilities and said that KSF should participate in the initiatives and NATO missions of in the region and the world.
At the meeting, which was closed for media, were discussed a range of other issues.
In all the meetings during the official visit to Brussels, The President Jahjaga was accompanied by Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Ilir Dugolli.

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