President Jahjaga met with British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Philip Hammond

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam AtifeteJahjaga, met in London with British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Philip Hammond, with whom she discussed about the challenges of the country in the field of rule of law and order, confronting extremist threats, the European path of Kosovo and its economic development, through the attraction of foreign investors.

President Jahjaga stressed the importance of the deepening of the cooperation with Great Britain, which has helped Kosovo in the process of peacebuilding and its statehood. She said that Kosovo is committed to build an inclusive democratic society and play an important role in the preservation of peace and stability in the Balkan region. She said that the rule of law and order and the construction of a state of law are priorities of the society in the country.

President Jahjaga said that the citizens of Kosovo and its institutions believe in the principle of justice for all and she hopes that the institutions of the country will soon find the opportunity to fulfill the international obligations by voting for the establishment of the Special Court, which will address the charges raised by the report of the Council of Europe, avoiding a step that could be undertaken by the Security Council of the UN.

Talking about the process of the dialogue with the Republic of Serbia, President Jahjaga stressed that the institutions of the country are committed to the dialogue but reiterate the importance of the full implementation of all the agreements reached and the conditioning of Serbia’s European road with their implementation. She said that Serbia is continuing to support illegal security structures in Kosovo, which according to the agreements should be dispersed.
She said that in the dialogue process attention should be paid not to allow segregation, not to create a third power in the country or a stretch of the Serbian institutions in Kosovo. She said the dialogue should help to resolve issues and to relax the relations between the two countries, which will facilitate the lives of the citizens but will also open the way to European integration for both countries.

President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo’s European path, like the one of the entire Balkan region, should be clear and safe, not to allow other external influences and stressed that Kosovo should be treated on an equal basis and alike with all the other Balkan countries in the process of EU integration.

British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Philip Hammond, expressed the support of the British government for Kosovo, in the construction of an inclusive, democratic state and a state of law, with commitment for the rule of law and order and in the fight against corruption. He said that Kosovo should do its utmost to meet its international obligations and to establish the Special Court, to avoid the processes in other international organizations. Secretary Hammond said that Great Britain supports the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and also the integration processes in the EU of the entire Balkan region.

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