President Jahjaga congratulates the Orthodox believers

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga congratulated the religious leaders and all Orthodox believers, on the occasion of Orthodox Easter.

In the felicitation it is said

Honored Orthodox believers,

Let me congratulate you on the occasion of Easter.

Easter Day is an important feast, a feast which marks the holy day of the resurrection of Christ, the resurrection of the human spirit and the renewal of faith in God

I wish that you spend this feast in happiness, love and in harmony with all your closest and most beloved people.

On this day of celebration, let us remember with respect and pain all those who are not with us today, and to show the sense of solidarity with all those who need the help of the state and society.

Kosovo is a country where traditionally harmony between different religions and ethnicities has dominated. In this important year for us all, when we have many duties, obligations and challenges ahead of us, let us all remember the obligations that we have towards the society, our state, which we must develop and prosper, for our benefit and that of our children.

Congratulations and happy Easter Day!

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