President Jahjaga attended the Public Forum “Women, Progress and the Global Economy” in London

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, attended the Public Forum “Women, Progress and the Global Economy”, organised by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Vital Forces Global Ambassadors, in London, United Kingdom. This event brought together leaders of different fields in order to discuss actual issues related to economic and social empowerment of women, with particular emphasis of women in the regions of South-Eastern Europe and Middle East/North Africa.

On this occasion, Forum focused its discussions on contribution of women leaders and of women entrepreneurs in addressing of some of the urgent matters, including the humanitarian crisis, rebuilding of post conflict communities and promotion of all inclusive development.

President Jahjaga attended the panel which discussed women as leaders of progress, together with Baroness Mary Goudie and Ambassador Melanne Verveer.

President Jahjaga said that gender equality is a crucial factor in guaranteeing of prosperous societies and added that women are agents of peace, stability and development. Equal participation of women guarantees democratic societies, economies with sustainable development and above all, a bright future to coming generations.

She also added that Kosovo is still facing the consequences of conflict and rehabilitation of victims of war, emphasizing that she has made her priority the rehabilitation of survivors of sexual violence and offering of full institutional and social support to them.

Madam President also said that women, during all periods of Kosovo’s history, have provided valuable contribution and have demonstrated their determination to move the country ahead. She stated that we cannot build sustainable peace without participation of women in all state building processes.

President Jahjaga also said that women which lead in senior state positions are still considered as exceptional cases, and for this reason we need to work harder to guarantee women’s representation in all levels and in all fields, in order for this to become a norm.

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