President Atifete Jahjaga visited the workings on the highway Vërmicë-Merdar

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, accompanied by Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, several ministers of the Government of Kosovo, the U.S. Ambassador in our country, Christopher Dell, the Ambassador of Turkey, Songyl Ozan, observed today closely the ongoing work on the highway Vërmicë-Merdar.

President Jahjaga, at the last stop of the trackway with the Albanian border, considered the construction of the highway as an important act that shortens distances and allows for easier and better movement between different nations, regions and cultures.

“The Road of the Nation which connects Durres with the Eighth Corridor and further with important European corridors, also connects Albanian regions and territories, is the long-standing dream of all our generations and today we enjoy this road. It is also our way towards Europe and integrations for the future of our country and our people and also, is the shortest path near the Adriatic Sea,” said President Jahjaga.

The President said that Kosovo will continue its investments in other important projects for Kosovo and its people, like road and railway infrastructure, and this particularly is done in the framework of acceptable European and international standards. Except in the field the rule of law and developing democratic processes, respecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms, standards in education and health, creating equal conditions for all will reach those criteria that apply for the member countries of the European Union.

“Kosovo will be a place which will be an attraction for foreign investment, not only for skilled labor and to educate its workers, not only for the economic resources it has, but also because of the legal conditions that will guarantee the investments and foreign capital in Kosovo,” said President Jahjaga.

Future priorities which are decided should be the basis of economic development and upon completion will have a continuation in other areas or a chain of development in other economic fields, said President Jahjaga.

I, she said, wish that this work will continue, will be completed in due course, on the best possible time limit and with the highest international standards.

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