President Atifete Jahjaga visited the association “Medica Kosova” in Gjakova

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga visited the association “Medica Kosovo” in Gjakova, where she, with the leaders and members of this association held a long conversation, getting acquainted with their work and promising them and women across the country continuous support.

President Jahjaga also visited a dairy built by this association and with the help of donors, which will be in operation soon.

I congratulate you for your example that you have set in society and I express my support and encouragement to continue to contribute to the achievement of gender equality in our country, said President Jahjaga addressing the women present at the meeting.

Many of you who work with the Association “Medica” have had a severe past, like a large number of the citizens of Kosovo. Women have been victims of rape during the war, some have experienced the death or disappearance of loved ones. These are events of unimaginable proportions which have unfortunately affected many families in Kosovo, she continued.

But you have shown great willingness to recover, to return to life with optimism and to transform the painful past in a valuable lesson for society. You have not allowed that the present and future becomes hostage of the past, said President Jahjaga.

I encourage you – added Madam Jahjaga – to share your stories and successes, in order to serve as a model, as an example for women in other parts of Kosovo to empower their participation in our state policymaking.

With the aim of building a transparent government I am committed to support the drafting of regulations and laws in order that the potential of women in society comes to terms and I will return laws which do not respect such a principle.

I firmly believe that a healthy democracy is built with full participation of all its citizens, especially women. Building an all-inclusive country integrated in the European Union and NATO is our primary goal because it would pave the development prospects of our country, said President Atifete Jahjaga during the visit to the association “Medica Kosovo” in Gjakova.

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