President Atifete Jahjaga received US Congressman, Elliot Engel

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, received today US Congressman, Mr. Elliot Engel, who was also accompanied by the US Ambassador in Kosovo, Mrs. Tracey Ann Jacobson.

President Jahjaga and Congressman Engel discussed about the current developments in Kosovo, about the efforts in setting the rule of law and order, the fulfillment of the international obligations, the European perspective and the stabilization of relations between the countries of the Balkan region.

President Jahjaga highly praised the role and commitment of Congressman Engel for Kosovo and its prospects, as well as the continued support of the USA for a Kosovo – a democratic, advanced and comprehensive country.

President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo has gone through a not very easy period within a one-year period, in its effort to address its internal issues, including illegal migration, the advancement on the path of integrations, the fight against corruption and organized crime, the addressing of extremism and radicalism, which are becoming serious threats to the country and the region as well as the continuation of the dialogue with the Republic of Serbia for the normalization of relations.
She said that the dialogue which has continued in Brussels, with the facilitation of the EU, is important to solve the issues between the two countries, but assessed that of special importance is the implementation of the agreements reached so far. President Jahjaga said that Serbia’s European path should be conditioned upon the implementation of all agreements which have been reached in the framework of the dialogue. She stressed that Kosovo as well as all the other countries of the region should have a clear European perspective and that the entire Balkan region should be included in energetic and infrastructural projects of the EU.

President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo has yet a lot to do especially in the field of the rule of law, and in particular in combating corruption and organized crime, which would facilitate foreign investment and would restore the economy of the country.

About the creation of the Special Court, President Jahjaga said that she expects from the institutions of the country, the Government and the Assembly, to find the way of fulfilling the international obligations as soon as possible, respecting the decisions of the Assembly itself and the international agreements. She said that Kosovo’s institutions and its citizens shall demonstrate that they believe in the principles of justice for everyone and that they will conclude this heavy chapter of history.

US Congressman, Elliot Engel praised the achievements in Kosovo and emphasized that Kosovo has proven to be a success story. He said the Kosovo’s partnership with the US is important and estimated that Kosovo must continue its efforts in the construction of a democratic society.

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