President Atifete Jahjaga held a discussion session with the media representatives in Kosovo

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs .Atifete Jahjaga, held a discussion session with the media representatives in Kosovo, Editors in Chief, Editors and Journalists, and on this occasion informed them about the International Women’s Summit “Partnership for Change: Empowerment of Women”, which will be held from October 4th to 6th, in Prishtina.

President Jahjaga emphasized that in the last two decades Kosovo and the region have passed through the transition stage and during this period the sacrifice and the immense work given by women was determinant in the establishment of safety and stability as preconditions for the development of a respective country.

She also stated that through the International Women’s Summit, first of its kind not only in Kosovo but in the region as well, we aim to create a common platform for the advancement of gender issues in all fields of life, beyond borders, ethnic, racial or religious differences.

“The International Women’s Summit aspires creation of bridges of cooperation, communication and partnership between the public and private sector, academic world and policy makers, not only within the borders of a country but also between nations and states. The primary intent of this summit is the utilisation of all opportunities to guarantee the empowerment of women in all fields of life in the global perspective and to act as a platform for a broad development of our countries” said President Jahjaga.

Madam President also stated that investment that a society makes in the advancement of Women’s rights is an investment in the future of a country, and that safety and security of women guarantees the safety and security of the whole society.

At this discussion session with the media representatives, President Jahjaga also said that this International Summit will offer the possibility for participants, men and women, to exchange ideas and experiences, to share the  best practices and modalities and to offer solutions to most prominent challenges faced not only by women in Kosovo, but in the region and beyond.

President Jahjaga said that during the sessions of this summit, advancement and positive changes will definitely be discussed as well as identification of potential solutions to global challenges, all this with the aim to compile a road map for the future, that would serve not only Kosovo but other countries in the world facing the same challenges.

“Kosovo and the region have a lot to offer, hence this summit will also serve as a unique opportunity to place our country in the center of positive developments, and also enable our country to benefit from regional and global experiences. At the same time, Kosovo is being offered the opportunity to become the initiator of new ventures that will guarantee the additional advancement of women as a key factor for development” said President Jahjaga.

During these two days, the summit participants will be concentrating on economic development, women’s participation in politics and safety of women as key issues, but will also be addressing the factors that influence the role of the women in society and will be discussing issues such as property rights and women’s access to resources, her economic empowerment and Constitutional and Electoral barriers to the participation of women in politics and decision making process. Another issue which will be discussed at the International Summit “Partnership for Change- Empowerment of Women” will be the role of the women in the fight against corruption, security and justice and the reform of the security sector.

There will be over 200 participants at the International Women’s Summit from Kosovo, our region, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and America. The organiser and host of the Summit is the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, with the financial support of USAID and organisational support of NDI.

At the official opening of the summit on October 4th, the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright will be holding a speech on the importance of women as a crucial factor in the development of a country.

All participants are of a senior representational level at the governmental institutions, political leaders, civil society leaders and leaders in the field of economics, who through their leadership and courage have impacted on the local and global trends.

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