President Pacolli congratulates Bektashi believers on the Sultan Nevruz Day

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli has congratulated all the Bektashi believers on the Sultan Nevruz Day.

The message of congratulation reads:

Honourable Bektashi believers,

I use this opportunity to convey to you my heartiest wishes for the Sultan Nevruz Day.

I wish that the Sultan Nevruz Day – which marks a day of hope, understanding, joy and love and respect between all the believers – will be a jovial day for your and that you will celebrate it close to each other and in harmony and peace with your families and friends.

The citizens of our country represent an outstanding example of coexistence and tolerance between people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. So, let this feast be a day that will add to and enrich these distinguishing qualities of our citizens.