President Jahjaga received a delegation of US congressmen

The President of the Republic of Kosovo received today a delegation of U.S. congressmen: David Dreier, David Price, Jim McDermott, Erik Paulsen and Gerry Connolly.

President Jahjaga expressed her gratitude and that of the people of Kosovo for the help that the United States, its administration, Congress and the American people have given to Kosovo to achieve freedom. President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo is a joint success story, of the institutions of its citizens with the international partners.

She said that the U.S. and its European partners have demonstrated commitment to the Balkans and the vision for a united Europe and the Balkan region fully integrated.

President Jahjaga said that Kosovo four years after the independence is in the process of consolidation of the state institutions and is working to be an all inclusive state where all its citizens enjoy equal rights. She said that the reconciliation process is a lengthy process but Kosovo has achieved that within these years to integrate all communities in the institutional life.

President Jahjaga said that the Republic of Kosovo, like all other countries of the region, aims EU membership, which would help in overcoming the differences of the past and would be a guarantor of peace and stability.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo said that Kosovo’s independence is an irreversible reality and found that the implementation of the Ahtisaari Plan, which offers a wide range of rights for the Serb community, is the best solution for the integration of the Serb community throughout the country.

President Jahjaga said that the continuation of the U.S. military, diplomatic and civilian presence in Kosovo is of particular importance for the stability and the advancement of the country, the region and the entire Europe and stressed that the continued American military presence at Camp Bondsteel is the guarantor of stability.

The American congressmen noted that their visit to the Republic of Kosovo held in order to exchange experiences and expertise, particularly with the Assembly. They said that Kosovo is a country that has undergone a severe but history has shown success in all these past years.

U.S. congressmen stressed that Kosovo is determined to be an important partner for the Congress and providing their experience to Kosovo lawmakers is beneficial.

The American congressmen were interested in the developments in the Republic of Kosovo and the representation and integration of communities in the institutions of the country.