President Jahjaga received the new US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Greg Delawie

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the new US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Greg Delawie, who at this occasion presented his letters of credence.

After the official ceremony of credential presentation, President Jahjaga wished a warm welcome and a successful tenure to Ambassador Delawie, and discussed with Mr. Ambassador the actual issues in Kosovo; Rule of law, strengthening of the war on corruption and organised crime and extremism, Kosovo’s European path and dialogue on normalization of relations with Serbia.

President Jahjaga and Ambassador Delawie emphasized the importance of partnership and friendship between the Republic of Kosovo and USA, as well as the need for the expansion of cooperation. They stated that advancement in the field of rule of law will help the country in opening of economic perspective and establishment of a climate of confidence for foreign investments.

The new US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Greg Delawie, thanked madam president for the warm hospitality and pointed out the need for expansion of cooperation between two countries.

President Jahjaga and Ambassador Delawie, had a walk in Prishtina city centre, where they also visited the “Raspberry Week” fair, which promotes local products and is supported by USAID.

After the meeting, President Jahjaga and Ambassador Delawie issued a press statement, which we are publishing below:

Presidentja Jahjaga: I have the exceptional pleasure to wish a warm welcome to Kosovo to the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Greg Delawie and his family, and to wish him a successful tenure in his new appointment in Kosovo.
Together, Mr. Ambassador, we shall expand the partnership and the permanent friendship between the Republic of Kosovo and United States of America.
We have traversed a long road to make Kosovo a state. Today, our state is a promoter of peace, of security and stability; a young and dynamic democracy, continuously endeavouring to improve, to become a country in which the law and order prevail.
Mr. Ambassador, on this journey, people of Kosovo has enjoyed the trust of your country and its incessant support in realization of our common ideals. Kosovo remains unshaken in this determination.
Kosovo’s advancement is exceptional. Of course, there is a lot remaining to be done in order to have continuous and viable progress.
Our joint endeavours I trust shall allow for building of an all-inclusive state, and of a state of law, which shall open the perspective for each citizen, regardless, and which brings Kosovo closer towards its ambition to membership in European Union and NATO.
Kosovo has demonstrated that it is a country which takes seriously its international obligations and that we are an important partner in matters of global confrontation of challenges which threaten our overall security.
It remains our ambition to become an inseparable part of the international organisations and mechanisms to provide our contribution to our common agenda.
We have demonstrated our determination to the building of good relations in the region and have opened the way to cooperation through dialogue and through achievement of agreements, in order to make peace viable and opening of the perspective of the whole region.
Ambassador Delawie, please allow me to once again wish you a warm welcome on behalf of the people of Kosovo and its institutions- with contiguous dedication to our partnership and friendship, to the values and ideals which our two countries share alike.
Ambassador Delawie: Good afternoon everyone. President Jahjaga, thank you for the exceptional welcome you and your staff bestowed upon us today.

I have the honour to represent President Obama and United States of America here I Kosovo.

I am proud to join the long list of US officials who can call you- and Kosovo- a friend.

United States of America have been an unwavering friend of Kosovo since the opening of the Information Office in 1996.  Now, while we are getting ready to eagerly await to see the building of the new embassy during my mandate, my wife Vonda, our children, Torrence and Fred and I are very happy that we shall have the opportunity to see historic and cultural sights in Kosovo but also to enjoy the beauties of its nature. I plan to dive into this right away during this week end.

I am also eagerly awaiting talks with governmental leaders, business groups and civil society. I am aware that I will be hearing about many challenges which you are facing, but also your best ideas for the continuation of our strong partnership through which we can achieve many more successes and achievements.

I am convinced that by working together, Kosovar leaders can continue to move the rule of law ahead, strengthen the regional security, and build strong and democratic institutions and to continue their important work in offering of economic opportunities to all.

Also I cannot wait to meet the youth of Kosovo, to learn from the leaders of the future about the challenges faced by the country.
It was a pleasure and honour to take part at this ceremony today, which marks the official commencement of my work with the Government of Kosovo.

I can’t wait for my work to begin. Thank you very much.

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