Clarification issued by the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo

In any appointment, be it in the foreign service or in any other position, the basic criterion for the President of the country has been the integrity of the appointed individual. This is an ongoing requirement, hence the President requests that such a standard be met throughout the term served by the persons appointed by her.

The President was not asked a question at the press conference today but was rendered with a definite statement by the journalist that “Kosovo’s Ambassador was involved in a scandal yesterday”, while the President of Kosovo and the President of Latvia were holding a press conference on bilateral relations and challenges on the European continent.

In this regard, the President at a press conference today commented that as long as the judiciary does not say otherwise, the principle of presumption of innocence applies and Kosovo's ambassador to Croatia has already announced that he has filed an indictment with justice institutions.

We would like to inform the citizens that the President has already requested, in communication with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, that Ambassador Berishaj be requested a written report regarding the article in Slovenian media and also that Ambassador Berishaj be summoned to Kosovo in order to clarify the situation.  Once the situation is clarified, the President, jointly with the MFA, will carry out the assessment regarding the Ambassador's position as they have done for other positions.

It is important to note that the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo have never received any information from the institutions of Slovenia or any other country about the involvement of Mr. Berishaj in a criminal offense. In fact, Mr. Berishaj has submitted documentation issued by Slovenian institutions that there is no criminal evidence.


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