Bilateral Assistance Agreement signed between the Governments of the Republic of Kosovo and United States of America signed

President of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga and the US Ambassador in the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Tracy Ann Jacobson and Ms. Maureen A. Shauket, Director of USAID Mission, signed the Bilateral Assistance Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Kosovo and United States of America in the field of economic development, youth employment, rule of law and strengthening of the governance and democratic institutions. The actual financial support of the American Government will be channelled through USAID.

The signed agreement will offer greater opportunities for the youth education and will support the establishment of the Development Credit Authority that will offer loans to farmers in Kosovo, especially to female farmers.

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga regarded the agreement as a concrete and continuous help that US has provided to Kosovo in the fields of economy, agriculture and development of the democratic institutions as well as in youth education and opening of new employment opportunities for them.
She stated that the American help for Kosovo is of particular importance and plays a powerful role in the advancement of all democratic processes of our country.
In the field of transformative leadership, USAID will be offering opportunities for higher education in order to support the formation and strengthening of the new Kosovar personnel. The USAID aspires to achieve these aims by offering scholarships for study in the US, practical work and university exchanges, in parallel with the institutional development objective.

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