Westerwelle: Germany will engage in ensuring a further recognition for the Republic of Kosovo around the world

“Germany will also provide a political support to Kosovo, on the road on which it has embarked, and will engage in ensuring a further recognition for the Republic of Kosovo around the world”, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Guido Westerwelle said today in Prishtinë during a meeting that he had with the President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, which was also attended by Prime Minister Thaçi and Minister of Foreign Affairs Skënder Hyseni.

In the beginning, Westerwelle said that he was satisfied with the meeting and with the overall cooperation between Kosovo and Germany, commending the resolute approach that institutions of Republic of Kosovo are adopting to resolving various problems.

“Germany will support Kosovo in the future as well. This involves, above all, a support in building state structures, in establishing a legal system and in ensuring an economic growth”, he said, adding that 1500 German soldiers within KFOR and 100 legal experts from Germany involved in the European Mission are now contributing to stability in Kosovo.

“After the United States, Germany is the second largest financial contributor to Kosovo”, Westerwelle added.

“The independence of the state of Kosovo and the Kosovo’s integrity are a reality. This has also been confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice, which was very clear. Now it is time to establish a stable economic foundation for the people of Kosovo”, Westerwelle said.

He added that, despite the great work that remains to be done, a progress has been made in Kosovo and that he encourages that.

“The European Perspective that Germany sees for the region applies to Kosovo as well. Germany will support Kosovo in this European perspective as well, but a precondition to this is a progress to be made, especially in the fight against corruption, organized crime, and a commitment to building a state of rule of law”, Westerwelle said.

I expressed to President the appreciation of the German Government for the engagement of institutions of Kosovo in building a multiethnic society. This includes, primarily, minority protection and integration. There are positive signals, especially as far as municipal level is concerned, and we acknowledge that”, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Guido Westerwelle said inter alia.

Having expressed his satisfaction with the joint meeting with Minister Westerwelle, the President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu said that he has expressed to him, first of all, the appreciation of the people and institutions of Kosovo for the strong support that Germany has provided to Kosovo.

He added that, at the same time, they have thanked him for the present support, for the clear position on the progress made and for the German support in ensuring new recognitions for Kosovo.

“We apprised him of all the progress made in Kosovo, of achievements that Kosovo has made as a sovereign and independent country, of its vision and issues that we face on daily basis, and of our vision of a Kosovo that will one day become a member of the European Union and NATO”, President Sejdiu said, reemphasizing institutional efforts to ensure that Kosovo is a beloved home to all the people and that all minority communities are integrated.

“We expressed our clear vision for maintaining the excellent relations that we have established with our neighboring countries and our willingness to foster such relations with the Republic of Serbia too. At the same time, we underscored the great work that we have done and strong guarantees that we have provided for foreign investments in Kosovo. We also pointed out that Kosovo is a country that offers a joint perspective  to all its people, that it offers a chance for cooperation between and investment by all the interested from other countries and that full governmental, legal and constitutional guarantees have been offered”, President Sejdiu said.

On the other hand, asked about the position of the state institutions about minority communities, President Sejdiu said: “The presence of minorities in Kosovo is a quality. It is a value and, therefore, we appreciate the great work that has been done by Kosovo institutions, particularly in providing constitutional and legal guarantees and in adopting a proactive approach towards the role of minorities.

“As it is regarded in the international arena and by President Ahtisaari, Kosovo is a sui generis case. It is also a sui generis case when it comes to a good chance that it offers for a progress and a perspective for all the minorities in Kosovo. Minorities are represented in the Assembly, in the Government, in the local government and in all state institutions. There is also a Consultative Council for Communities that operates within my Office and that is chaired by a minority community member”, he said.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi said that “the vision of Kosovo is building a democratic state, a state e rule of law and an efficient and multiethnic state of good governance”.

“Kosovo is establishing excellent relations with all its neighbors, with Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro, and has expressed its willingness to establish interstate relations with Serbia as well so as to find the clearest, the shortest and the safest way to integration into European Union and NATO. We are aware that, in this framework, a most affirmative respect of communities that live in Kosovo is one of the main preconditions, so President Ahtisaari’s Plan was and remains our main guide”, Prime Minister Thaçi said.


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