The World Autism Awareness Day March held under the patronage of President Osmani

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu and the first gentleman, Mr. Prindon Sadriu, participated in the march which was organized under Madam President's patronage, under the “Walk with me, every step counts” motto, on World Day for Autism Awareness.

This march, according to President Osmani, was organized with the aim of making society aware that children, but also adults with autism need our voice and support.

“Together with the associations that have worked for many years in order not only to raise public awareness and institutions but at the same time to help children and adults with autism we are here today again to talk about the problems they face, the challenges they face,” said President Osmani.

President Osmani expressed his gratitude to everyone, to every association that has worked here in Kosovo, but also to the Hope that has come again from the United States, which comes every few months to make sure that the associations are helped, that the parents are helped. , and above all for children and adults with autism to feel equal in our society.

“Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are here with representatives of all institutions, representatives of the government, the municipality, but also many other citizens who understand how important it is to embrace values. of each, and we understand very well that just because we are different does not mean that we should not be equal “, the President emphasized.

President Osmani called on all of us to give these children and adults with autism the love, respect and support they deserve.

“As institutions, we are committed to doing everything in order to meet all the requirements and in order to give you this support that these extraordinary children, that these extraordinary adults deserve from each of us,” said the President.

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