The word of President Jahjaga at the opening of the exhibition of artistic works of creative women

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga attended today the exhibition of women deputies of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, which was held in the lobby of the Assembly.

On this occasion, President Jahjaga delivered a speech before the audience, which is fully brought below:

Honored President of the Assembly, Mr. Krasniqi,

Honored, Teuta, Flora, Alma and other deputies,

Respected ambassadors of friend countries in the Republic of Kosovo,

The opening of the exhibition of artistic works of creative women in the lobby of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo has its own symbolism, as the Parliament is the highest representative legislative body of the country and here not only the quota of representation of women is fully respected, but women are equal subjects and give very important contribution in the work of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, in parliamentary sessions and commissions.

The Assembly is exactly the place where women fulfill the interests of the citizens and the country in general.

Your exhibition here speaks about the high artistic and creative values of women, talks about your perception of reality which we are living often filled with challenges, but more often with hope, optimism and pride for our joint achievements.

These works of art which derive from the depths of the soul and the liberation of the genius mind arise personal experiences to us but at the same enable us to enjoy their artistic beauty all together here today.

Art is a form of unique expression, is the universal language that facilitates communication between people and enables the distribution of values and experiences and their penetration across different cultures.

Honored ladies and gentlemen, with these contemporary works of art our talented artists are overcoming the barriers that have burdened on our shoulders for a long time.

You are making the world to discover the new Kosovo and you are talking with pride about the treasure and the rich traditions our country and our people. I would like to wish you success, a lot of luck and to congratulate you for this initiative, especially the women deputies for such an initiative.

Thank you and good luck!

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