The United States feels a special connection to the people of Kosovo

“The United States feels a special connection to the people of Kosovo and strong commitment to see for all the people and all the communities of Kosovo a bright and prosperous future as a part of the European and Transatlantic community ”, the US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg said after a meeting with the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi.

Reminding that it was his first time back in Kosovo in more than ten years, Mr. James Steinberg said “it was a pleasure to see the remarkable progress that has been made here and particularly the progress that has been made in the two years since your independence”.

“The United States want to be your partner every step of the way in achieving this great success and this great hope for your future ”, Mr. Steinberg affirmed, adding that he was encouraged by what he heard from the President and the Prime Minister about “the strong commitment and the priority that Kosovo places in building strong and capable institutions to provide good and transparent governance for its citizens and to make sure that the rule of law prevails in everything and that you deal with these negative dangers and particularly the need to root out all the vestiges of corruption that place such a negative impact on your ability to achieve that bright economic future for all your people.” “We’ve talked about how we want to strengthen Kosovo’s integration into Europe and the steps that the United States as a friend of Kosovo can take in our dealings with our European partners to promote your path towards visa liberalization and deeper ties to the European Union. We’ve talked about how important it is for Kosovo to build its relationship with its neighbors and very encouraging developments that we’ve seen over recent months about those relationships and the strong willingness of so many of your neighbors to work with you to deal with the common challenges that all the countries of the Western Balkans face”, the US Deputy Secretary of State James said. He also spoke of building a strong economic future based on a strong private sector and a strong investment environment that “would attract American foreigners and other foreigners to come here, invest and work with you do to build that bright future.”

James Steinberg said the he especially appreciates the efforts that have been made in Kosovo in the recent municipal elections, building the strength of democracy and an inclusive democracy, and the progress that’s been made in making sure that all the communities and all the peoples of Kosovo feel represented and feel that that their interests are represented.

In conclusion to his statement to the media, Mr. Steinberg declared: “On behalf of President Obama and Secretary Clinton, I want to thank you and stress our continuous desire to work with you on these important challenges ahead”.

On the other hand, President Sejdiu considered that today’s meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg was an open and enlightening one and thanked the US Deputy Secretary of State for the strong support that the United States has provided to Kosovo and its people in its path to freedom and independence and in the path to its development and democracy and to accomplishing its objective of being a home to all its citizens but also for the significant support that the United States has provided in the course of important international process related to Kosovo’s accession to international institutions and in helping Kosovo meet the requirements for integration into the Euro-Atlantic community.

“Kosovo’s ambition is to be at the full service of an active integration of all its citizens and to promote our people’s role the active integration of some members of the Serb community who still hesitate to play a role in the major processes that Kosovo is going through”, President Sejdiu pointed out.

Further on, President Sejdiu said that the meeting also discussed the obligation that institutions of our country have assumed to provide for a better life for their citizens and other specific issues that relate to the politics that Kosovo is conducting in the international arena aiming at neighborliness with all the countries of the region, including Republic of Serbia, as well as relations with other countries of the region and beyond.

Prime Minister Thaçi also updated Mr. James Steinberg on the progress that has been achieved in Kosovo and on other issues, including the strategy for the north, the Kosovo Government reshuffle, the boost of good governance efficiency and other steps taken in the field of economy. In this context, he mentioned Morinë-Merdare highway, the final process of International Airport of Prishtina’s concession, the strategy on energy and other processes, such as PTK privatization and the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to make sure that these process remain transparent, fair and open. 

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