The Speech of the President of the Republic of Kosovo Madame Atifete Jahjaga in the solemn session of the Assembly of Kosovo on the fourth anniversary of the independence of Kosovo

The freedom and independence of the country is the combination of efforts of entire generations to live as free, equals and with dignity.

Honorable President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honorable Prime Minister,
Honorable members of the Assembly,
Honorable Deputy Prime Ministers and ministers,
Honorable ambassadors of partner countries in Kosovo,
Honorable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

The celebration of the fourth anniversary of the country, the fulfillment of a century old dream and efforts, finds Kosovo a Sovereign and Independent state, recognized by 87 countries and with a clear vision and path in the Euro-Atlantic integration process.

The freedom and independence of the country is the combination of efforts of entire generations to live as free, equals and with dignity.

Our philosophical and political idea on the Freedom and Independence of Kosovo has always been a human idea giving way to the rebirth in critical thinking and originality in political thought and action, a combination of wisdom and responsibility, a visionary platform as a strategy and action and pragmatic behavior using all the potentials and capacities, by drawing from the experience of our rich tradition, enriched with contemporary philosophical and political ideas, which brought international understanding and support for our just cause, which as never before brought results that we enjoy today: the Republic of Kosovo a sovereign and independent state, democratic society for all the citizens, in eternal friendship with the United States of America and with the clear and prosperous path towards European Union and NATO accession.

In her congratulatory message today, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton states that “the United States is a friend and partner, and we stand with you as we work together for a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous Kosovo.”

Honorable guests,

For a Sovereign and Independent state of Kosovo, our best sons and daughters were sacrificed, who we are honored to recall in any celebration and anniversary.

This day makes us feel proud for the challenging road, full of sacrifices, that we have passed. Today as we praise our achievements, it makes us remember all those who sacrificed, who fell at the altar of freedom and who gave their lives for the good of the people and homeland, for us to be free and sovereign in our lands, to build a free and independent Kosovo.

Let us recall two emblematic figures, the historic President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, and the legendary commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army Adem Jashari, the guiding figures for our present and future.

Our leaders in the most difficult times took important decisions which determined the course of history but also determined our fate as a nation and the fate of our homeland.

By honoring our past, we honor the sacrifice, we honor our present and future because the political program upon which we were united was a just, human, visionary one, based on the best traditions of our people, the values of European civilization by firmly putting us in the family of European nations, returning to the civilization to which we always belonged and from which we were unjustly divided for a long time.

It is easier for all of us because the road has been paved, principles have been built, historical dilemmas have been resolved and it is up to us to take concrete steps for the realization of our state and civic strategy and platform.

On this path we were not alone. We had the unconditional support of the United States of America and countries of the European Union and NATO, which undertook the humanitarian military intervention to save a nation.

The independence of Kosovo is an irreversible process and has no alternative. We are a factor of peace and stability in the region and beyond, developing good bilateral and neighborly relations and giving a good example of cooperation and mutual respect.

Kosovo has built its international subjectivity and it is represented and it will be represented as an equal and with full reciprocity. The processes cannot be reversed and no one should have the impression that the process of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo has not ended.

The Republic of Kosovo is built upon the civic principle, with equal rights and liberties for all. All Kosovo ethnicities enjoy their full guaranteed rights regardless of the size of their community. This is our value built on tradition of respect and honor for each other.

All Kosovo citizens are united behind a common vision for full membership in the European Union. In the family of nations with high standards of freedoms and rights, democratic processes, advanced educational, health and social policy systems. With a modern economy in the function of general development using scientific achievements and transforming and adapting according to the needs of people and time.

Our country has great potentials for development by rationally using our natural resources, climate and geographic characteristics, but we are particularly proud with our patriotic and educated youth, laced with knowledge and skills of the highest European standards. While creating a favorable environment, including development of a modern road infrastructure, rail and air transport, our country becomes favorable for foreign investments, capital attraction and integration of our economy into the world economy.

Citizens and political parties in Kosovo have demonstrated respect for tolerance and support in respecting rules and laws by building effective governance coalitions, by having a constructive opposition and by strengthening elements of cohesion and unity for a functioning democratic and state-building process.
Honorable members of the Assembly,
Honorable members of the Government,
Honorable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

In her letter to the people of Kosovo, Secretary Clinton stated: “Kosovo may be a young country, but you hold a promising future, and the United States is committed to supporting an independent, sovereign, multiethnic Kosovo.” Secretary Clinton commends Kosovo’s elected leaders for their dedication to the aspirations of the citizens of Kosovo through stronger democratic institutions, greater economic opportunities, and promoting the rule of law.
“This path will lead the citizens of Kosovo to full Euro-Atlantic integration, and to lasting stability and prosperity for your country.”

The fourth anniversary of the declaration of independence is a holiday that gives us courage; it mobilizes and encourages us to serve the people and our country at all times and in every case. 
We deserve a better future. We are working towards a better future. We will fulfill our dreams, because we have the will, we have the courage; we have the commitment and support of our international friends. 
This is our mission and we will accomplish it together.

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