The speech of President Atifete Jahjaga on the occasion of the month for breast cancer awareness

Honored Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rare are the families who are not touched by cancer. Cancer remains one of the leading causes of mortality in our country. We all know people, family members, relatives and friends, with whom we have shared the pain that causes such a disease. How many times have we heard of such a diagnosis, how many of us have said that there is hope and how many of us probably have surrendered?

In this month, I join all those families throughout Kosovo and you here in order to have hope. This morning, before I joined this walk full of dignity and determination, I visited patients at the Oncology Department, who with persistence are coping with the challenges of this disease.

It is their request and mine to raise the awareness on what we can do to fight cancer, including breast cancer. I am also here to require from our society to be close to the people who are affected by this disease.
The battle with cancer is long and difficult, and it is a war which can not be fought and won alone. But, as this walk today demonstrates, our friends affected by this disease will never be alone.

As President of Kosovo you shall have my support. I will encourage institutions of Kosovo to give their support to this fight against this disease.

What we have learned in the recent decades, thanks to the progress of medicine and technology, is that cancer can be defeated. To overcome this disease, the battle against it should be daily. It should start as this solidarity walk suggests, by raising the awareness that cancer is a disease that does not choose. Cancer touches us all.

So, I want to reiterate once again the importance of the early detection of cancer. The early diagnosis means a successful end, especially to breast cancer. I appeal to act today, not to leave it for tomorrow.

As of today, lead your example in your family and circle. Obey regular medical examinations because the Early Detection is equal to survival.

Thank you!

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