The speech of President Atifete Jahjaga in the Ohrid Summit of the presidents of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo

The Republic of Kosovo is an example of good neighborly cooperation, as a factor of peace and stability while respecting the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the subjectivity of each country.

Honorable President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Ivanov,
Honorable President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Topi,
Honorable President of the Republic of Montenegro, Mr. Vujanovic,
Honored guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This kind of format of our meetings and the forms of cooperation which we as leaders of the countries define, proves our willingness and commitment, to advance the relations between our countries, but also to develop a multilateral cooperation by finding solutions with certain standards which are in favor of our countries, our people and all citizens of the region.

It is in our interest that on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration to build forms of interstate cooperation in all areas, giving an example of sincere and concrete cooperation and concrete which allows free movement of people, ideas and capital, and which helps the development of our countries and welfare of the citizens by sharing values and mutually respecting each other and particularly helping to jointly overcome the challenges and standards for European integrations.

The Republic of Kosovo is an example of good neighborly cooperation, as a factor of peace and stability while respecting the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the subjectivity of each country.

Our countries and our people, in the past, even in journey towards freedom and independence, were oriented towards each other. We are aware that the future can not be built without of helping each, other without exchanging experiences and especially without developing a mutual communication, which would cross boundaries and in the exchanges between nations and regions would enable a functional interdependence of cooperation and overall development in all areas. Here I would highlight the development in economy, culture, education, etc., which would be in function of human welfare and progress of our countries.

The Republic of Kosovo is ready to make and sign all the agreements with each country separately, to contribute to the achievement of multilateral agreements, using here all good experiences, all examples of European cooperation, in order for people to move freely, to live, work, learn or exercise their activities while respecting the laws and norms of the countries which would be approximate or which would not differ from country to country.

The aim of all our countries is the EU membership, Albania is already a NATO member and this fact is an important factor of stability. In this way each of our countries has achieved certain degree of progress, but with our cooperation we can accelerate this process a lot.

In the time of globalization, of technological advancement, as Ivanov President said, an extraordinary range of communication and approximation is opened between the people that doesn’t recognize any national, political, cultural, ethnic, racial or gender borders nor those of age or of language.

We, the leaders of the countries, have vision and move along the trends of time, are committed not to leave any issues unresolved between us and in the regular communication between us to get the right and first-hand information on all issues considered important and of interest to our countries.

We must commit ourselves and urge our governments to make reforms and to advance the democratic processes, to make programs and to enable agreements between our states in the transboundary cooperation, facilitating the  free and undisturbed movement, development and economic cooperation, cultural and educational cooperation , and any other cooperation, which relaxes the relations and directs people and regions to collaborate and to find the best forms of cooperation and cooperation,  among each other.

We now have an easier way to define the road and find the solutions because we have the model of the European Union and by applying the laws and the European standards we get determine for the stable solution.

We are here to open roads and to accelerate solutions.

We are here, because we have the mandate and responsibility of leaders, to advance the relations, to reduce differences, to avoid obstacles, to eliminate unnecessary procedures, so to be in function of freedom, to serve the citizens and to offer them equal possibilities and opportunities, wherever they are.

We, with our work today, can accord about the forms of regular and permanent cooperation, but in even shorter periods, quarterly or semiannual rather than our meetings once a year. Also, we can agree to create mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the initiatives and our concrete proposals.

It has become as a rule that from of our meetings to come up with a joint policy statement. This meeting of ours today in Ohrid can continue with that tradition and practice as well.

President Vujanovic, you spoke about a future meeting between the Serbian President Boris Tadic and me, the President of Kosovo.

Let me tell you that I am ready, by representing the interests of the people and my country, to meet with anyone, anytime and any place, to advance relationships, to resolve issues and make agreements. This is a responsibility of the leader and this is my commitment and obligation.

I believe that such a meeting is a normal outcome of a conflict and a war which caused damage and pain. Dialogue is not the best way, but the only way.

President Vujanovic, you added to this our political capacity and moral integrity as leaders of our countries.

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