The President pays homage at the statue of Zahir Pajaziti: When we honor the heroes, we receive energy from their sacrifice!

Prishtina, January 31, 2017 – The President of the country, Hashim Thaçi, paid homage today at the statue of the hero Zahir Pajaziti, on the square bearing his name in Prishtina.

By remembering the fall of Zahir, Edmond and Hakif, President Thaçi said that Kosovo honors and respects with the highest piety the sacrifice of these heroes of the nation, these fellow warriors who gave everything for Kosovo to be free and independent.
“Today we are here to honor, remember and respect in the institutional manner the emblem of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Zahir Pajaziti, along with Hakif and Edmond, for their extraordinary efforts for the freedom and independence of Kosovo. The fall of the national heroes, of Zahir, Edmond and Hakif was the best image of unity, sacrifice and extraordinary efforts for the freedom of Kosovo. It was the open beginning of the armed resistance against the Serb army and police, “said President Thaçi.
President Thaçi added that when honoring the national heroes we always receive energy from their sacrifice, from their deeds to accelerate other development processes of our state, to be integrated into NATO and the European Union, as soon as possible.

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