The President of France Nicolas Sarkozy sent a letter to President Sejdiu

The President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, expressing his acknowledgment for the progress that has been made in the Republic of Kosovo and stating that this progress has contributed to Kosovo’s recognition by international community.

“Kosovo has gone come a long way since the declaration of its independence. I congratulate you on the significant progress that you have made before and in the current process of decentralization, which aims at offering each community an ample room in public life. I know that I can count on you and on your efforts to keep up with your current engagement in this regard” – President Sarkozy writes in his letter.

“This progress has contributed to your country’s recognition by international community. Kosovo has been recognized by a significant number of states now. Kosovo’s accession to the major international financial institutions will help you set your pace in boosting its economy” – Sarkozy writes in his letter.

The last decision by Prishtina on the border agreement with Skopje is important news to the entire region. Balkan states should find inspiration in this example for resolving their disagreements by a common understanding and for turning together toward their joint future in Europe” – President Sarkozy advises.

By way of this letter, President Sarkozy also conveys his best wishes to President Sejdiu on his birthday.

You are kindly requested, Mr. President, to accept assurances of my highest consideration” –reads the last sentence of President Sarkozy’s letter.

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