The President Jahjaga met the Ambassador of the USA to Kosovo, Tracey Ann Jacobson

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, met today the Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosovo, Tracey Ann Jacobson.

Ambassador Ann Jacobson presented the Letter of Credence to President Jahjaga.
After the meeting, President Jahjaga delivered a press statement:
On the occasion of the presentation of Letter of Credence by Ambassador-Designate H.E. Tracey Ann Jacobson, I wished the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Kosovo good luck, health, and success throughout her very important task and mission, being confident that Ms. Jacobson will continue the good work conducted by all ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of the United States of America to Kosovo.
Maintaining excellent relations and permanent friendship with the United States of America is essential to the Republic of Kosovo and to our development as a democratic society and state of its citizens who are all equal, regardless of their differences.
The continued support and assistance of the United States of America is highly appreciated by our people throughout our journey of liberation, independence and state-building processes, as a just solution so that today the Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state with a guaranteed sovereignty and integrity, is a factor of peace and stability which exercises good neighborly and bilateral relations with countries that have already recognized the independence of the country.
On this occasion I would like to reiterate that the Republic of Kosovo, a democratic state of its citizens who are all free and equal, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, is determined on its path towards Euro-Atlantic integration. The European Union is providing an important contribution to our country in order to fulfill all its obligations and accomplish all standards which will ensure a successful completion of all necessary stages until full membership in the European Union and NATO.  
For our country, along with economic development and overall progress, a good system of education, healthcare, and other fields, it is also crucial that in the course of advancement of democratic processes, the rule of law and order, to achieve concrete results in the fight against corruption and organized crime. Throughout these processes we are all together, we have the will and commitment, we have the support of all people, and we will surely succeed. 
Once again, honorable Madam Ambassador, I wish you success, and I wish good health to you and your family.

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