The Preparatory Team has consultations with the non-majority communities living in Kosovo

May 27, 2019, Prizren – The Preparatory Team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, held the next scheduled consultation with all the non-majority communities who live in the Republic of Kosovo, where also present were the members of the Consultative Council for Communities.

The panel of the Preparatory Team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was composed of Ardian Arifaj, Jovana Radosavljevic and Baki Svirca, who initially explained the fundamental concepts of Transitional Justice, then informed the participants with the experiences of others.

There was also discussed about President Thaçi’s initiative for the Truth Commission in Kosovo, and why it is needed.

The attendees presented cases from the experiences of their community and also the views of the communities they represented.

Živoin Ćirković, expressed his stance saying that “we should talk about this regularly, because the past harms us all. The people should reconcile, approximate in order to be able to see each other in the eyes. Not everyone has committed crimes, but those who have committed must respond”.

Whereas, the representative of the Roma community, Isak Skenderi, said in the meeting that “for us, the Roma, it is the first time we are given the opportunity to speak. The war in Kosovo was inter-ethnic and the Commission should be inter-ethnic as well”.

The representative of the Bosnian community, Senada Sagdati, insisted that there should also be women in the commission.

Public consultation participants welcomed the initiative of the President and were aware of the difficulties of the process. They said that the epicenter of this commission should be the victim, since the victim is a victim and has no nationality.

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