The Preparatory Team has consultations with the artists

April 18, 2019, Prishtina – The Preparatory Team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, held the next scheduled consultation with artists, where the panel was consisted of Arben Loshi, Rron Gjinovci and Abdullah Ferizi, who initially explained the fundamental concepts of Transitional Justice, then informed the participants with the experiences of others and also talked about the initiative of the President for the Truth Commission in Kosovo and why it is needed.

Sinan Kajtazi, said that “in the early 1990s, the Ballet of Kosovo has been victim of the repression of Serb forces, destroying a whole generation, and for this we have a published monograph and it can be of use to the Commission”.

Whereas, Mërgim Oruçi, expressing support for the initiative, said “it is important for the truth to come to light, then reconciliation will follow”.

“The Commission should not be under the umbrella of any other institution but be completely independent from politics, in order to be trustworthy and functional”, said Kreshnik Berisha.

The member of the Preparatory Team, Rron Gjinovci mentioned “some experiences of other states that have found different forms of independent functioning for the Commission to be able to carry out its duty”.

Public consultation participants welcomed the initiative of the President and were aware of the difficulties of the process and agreed that the only motto of the Commission should be the truth.

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