Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani regarding the announcement of the withdrawal of the elected and appointed representatives of the Kosovo Serbs from the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo

Today’s actions of Serbia, which forced the elected and appointed representatives of Kosovo Serbs to withdraw, be it temporarily, from their positions in the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, are aimed at destabilizing the northern part of the country.

The withdrawal of Ministers, MPs and members of the Serbian community from the Government of Kosovo, the Assembly of Kosovo and the Kosovo Police is an act against democracy and the rule of law. This action has been made under the pressure of the authorities in Belgrade. Such an approach is causing serious problems for Serbian citizens in the north, who feel threatened by the actions of illegal structures, which aim for destabilization.

I ensure all the citizens of Kosovo that the institutions will undertake the necessary steps to ensure the welfare and public safety in every corner of its territory in close cooperation with our international partners.

The implementation of law and order does not pose a threat to any citizen of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity. However, the establishment of law and order poses a risk for the illegal structures directed by Belgrade, which aim to destabilize Kosovo and the region.

Today’s action of Serbia represents its unilateral withdrawal from the Brussels agreements for putting an end to its illegal structures in Kosovo. This action, instigated by Serbia, proves once again what we have said many times, that Serbia is a source of destabilization of Kosovo and the region due to its territorial and hegemonic goals. However, Serbia will not be able to change the multi-ethnic character of the institutions and undermine peace and security in the Republic of Kosovo.

The communication and cooperation with the Serbs of Kosovo will continue and the institutions of Kosovo will ensure that every citizen of Kosovo in every part of its territory receives the necessary services from the institutions without any interruption.

We call on the Serbs of Kosovo not to fall prey to Serbia’s propaganda on its destabilizing interests towards Kosovo and the region.

Kosovo is committed to peace and stability, and remains clearly positioned on its Euro-Atlantic path. The actions of the institutions for the equality of all before law are in accordance with the highest European standards and values. The future of Kosovo is in the EU and NATO and no one will be able to stop this path.

But it is Belgrade which aims destabilization and which maintains close relations with Russia and is its tool in this part of the Balkans.

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