President Osmani appoints the new members of the Consultative Council for Communities

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani Sadriu appointed today 27 new members of the Consultative Council for Communities (CCC).

The appointment of the CCC members for a two-year term is the result of a nomination process within each community concluded by their appointment by the President of the Republic.

Based on the CCC Regulation, within thirty days after the appointment of new members, the Council holds its constitutive meeting which will be chaired by the oldest member of the Council and elects the president of the Council from its ranks.
The CCC consists of twenty-seven members, representatives of all communities of Kosovo, as defined by Article 12 (6) of the Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Communities and Their Members in the Republic of Kosovo, inclusive of:
· two (2) representatives of the Roma, Egyptian, Goran, Ashkali, Montenegrin and Croatian communities
· three (3) representatives of the Bosnian and Turkish communities,
· five (5) representatives of the Serbian community,
· one (1) senior representative of the Office of the President;
· three (3) senior representatives of the Government, appointed by the ministry or agency, whose scope is of special importance to the communities.
The Consultative Council for Communities aims to provide a mechanism for the exchange of opinions between the communities and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. The CCC helps communities in the articulation of the positions of non-majority communities and their representatives when it comes to legislation, public policies and programs of particular importance to them.

Also, this Council provides a forum for coordination and advice between the communities and ensures the organizational functioning that represents the communities based on the Regulation, which was approved by the Consultative Council for Communities.

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