Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga

Non-membership of the Republic of Kosovo in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is a missed chance for the advancement of vision, values and ambitions towards which this UN agency aims and towards promotion of these values in Kosovo.

I thank citizens of Kosovo, friends, allies and states from around the world for the extraordinary engagement in helping our joint battle. We thank them for their trust in the vision of the citizens of Kosovo towards building of a state which promotes our common values. This engagement of ours will only increase, together with our determination to protect and guard our cultural inheritance, which is a world heritage as well.

Today it was made clear that we, our state, enjoys the unwavering support of the free and democratic world. I am encouraged by the support of 92 countries for Kosovo and for our vision. Their vote in support of Kosovo is a reiteration of the promise which we have given to ourselves and to our friends.

Kosovo has made undeniable progress. As we have demonstrated to date, our citizens will not backtrack on their insistence to be equal with the rest of the states in protection of the common values.

We are adamantly building a democratic country and we will continue to contribute to long term peace in the region and beyond. Kosovo is proud of its achievements in creation of an inclusive state and with the dedication of its citizens for protection of its cultural heritage and its diversity.

Republic of Kosovo will not be discouraged by this act, because we, and most of the countries of the world, are assertive of our cause and unstoppable in consolidation of our statehood in the international arena. 

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