Statement of the President of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, on the 13th anniversary of the NATO air strikes

The anniversary of the NATO air strikes for the Republic of Kosovo and all its citizens has the symbolism of assistance and support in difficult moments of history, at a time when the population migrated with violence, when the threat existed for genocide to be performed on a entire people.

The air strikes of the NATO forces are considered as humanitarian for their goals as civilized and human in the preservation of peace and stability in their political effects.

The North Atlantic Alliance on its 50th anniversary proved that it is capable to undertake successful operations in defense of peace and in the avoidance of hegemony, oppression and dictatorship.

The people of the Republic of Kosovo feel special respect and esteem for the entire commitment of the United States of America, the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance- NATO, that by defending the principles of liberty, equality and democracy, they came up against a repressive regime in protection of innocent citizens by setting civilized values in this part of Europe.

We, on the 13th anniversary feel admiration for all those men and women soldiers and officers of the NATO military forces who, for 78 days in a row, were devoted to the realization of the principles in which they believed and that for us as a nation were life itself.

The citizens of the Republic of Kosovo express profound gratitude for all the commitment of the NATO peacekeeping mission, KFOR in Kosovo, which helped to renovate and re build our country, to prevent any threat and to maintain peace and stability.

And Kosovo expects that in the near future to become a NATO member, to provide its contribution in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions around the world. 

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