The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga took part today at the ceremony of the commencement of the Initial Programme for Legal Education for the fourth generation of candidates for judges and prosecutors, held at the Kosovo Judicial Institute.

Below we give the speech that President Jahjaga held on this occasion:

Honoured representatives of the Institutions of Kosovo,

Honoured participants,

Honoured guests,

I greet the beginning of the legal education of the fourth generation of candidates for judges and prosecutors in the Kosovo Judicial Institute, as preparation of the new generations of judges and prosecutors to meet the needs of the judicial system, one of the basic pillars of the Kosovo institutions, an independent judiciary system, efficient and impartial.

The division of powers in the Republic of the Kosovo is a fundamental prerequisite for the functional and democratic state. This division, along with human resources and budget is in function of the reform in the judicial system and to create conditions necessary to ensure the rule of law.

The creation of conditions, with the increase of the number of judges and prosecutors, the provision of physical and material conditions, contributes to the creation of independent, efficient and impartial institutions, so that we become a state with high standards, where the rule of law is the main guarantee in the creation of an effective and functional society and state for all citizens, regardless of religion, nationality or gender.

I request that with dedication, professionalism and integrity to accomplish your responsibilities in the country building challenges of Kosovo.

The President of the country, within the constitutional and legal mandate, is a guarantee for an independent, impartial and efficient judiciary.

Honoured candidates,

You are beginning a seven-month journey, and as judges and prosecutors of Kosovo you have a special challenge, an individual, professional and moral responsibility, that with your work to be representatives of a new generation for Kosovo, with its well-deserved place in the family of the European countries where the rule of law remains the basis of the functioning of the state and warranty of the authorities control in the principle that nobody is above the law.

I wish you effective work and results.

The success in this training and your appointment afterwards will be a joint success.