President Jahjaga’s speech at the manifestation in honour of the Epopee of the Kosovo Liberation Army

On this special day for Kosovo, we are honouring with respect all those who fell at the altar of freedom, and at the same time we remember with lots of respect all those generations which sacrificed for freedom, independence and peace of Kosovo.

I am honoured to, at the marking of this anniversary, organised under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, we remember with much pain and pride all those who gifted the present and opened the window to a brighter future.

We, the citizens of this country, bow to the sacrifice and heroism of those men and women who loved Kosovo, who saw it as advanced and progressive and who gave their lives to the future of coming generations.

Kosovo is their heritage and their strength, and our courage to make it a place of dreams for all those who live in it, regardless, dignified and equal. It is the homeland of free people; a country which has converted ethnic, cultural and religious diversity into the strongest value of its society, a country in peace with everyone.

Today is the day which symbolizes the unity of the citizens of Kosovo for a joint ambition; building of an advanced, democratic, multicultural and progressive country. It is the day which requires more live for the motherland, without challenging its brittle democracy.

Today is the day when we need to think of the future of the coming generations; by leaving aside political differences, by relinquishing personal spites  and egos and by working strongly towards the realization of our aspirations, for a developed economy which holds the youth inside our borders, for a state of law in which everyone is equal in front of the law and for a bountiful country for its citizens to enjoy.

It is the day when we need to conclude important processes for the country, to open our perspectives, inclusive of conversion of the Kosovo Security Force into an Armed Force, for which we shall all be proud of. Today is the time for Kosovo.

Kosovo is an irreversible reality; a peace won after a difficult and long war; a freedom won with lots of sacrifice; an eternal friendship with the USA, who stood so close to us, throughout all the chapters of our state building. Kosovo is the added value to the stability and security not only in the region, guarantor of peace for all, which opens the ways to integrations.

Kosovo is our joint pain and pride, and therefore it is our strength to demonstrate that we can make the dream of all those who sacrificed for it- a better reality.

Glory to all!