President Jahjaga’s speech at the KSF and Kosovo Police Ceremonial March in honour of the eighth anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo

This is the most marked day in the history of Kosovo, which entwines in it the sacrifice, wisdom and determination to enliven the ideal of many generations for a state.

Honourable Prime Minister Mustafa,
Honourable representatives of the institutions of Kosovo,
Honourable Ambassadors and representatives of the international missions in our country,
Honourable families of martyrs,
Honourable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

This is the most marked day in the history of Kosovo, which entwines in it the sacrifice, wisdom and determination to enliven the ideal of many generations for a state.

This is the day of Kosovo- day when we celebrate freedom, a rebirth for the citizens of the country erected upon the foundations of equality.

Kosovo is our pain and our pride, is the heritage of many generations which we remember with deep respect and pride, because they have sacrificed for this very day, commencing many decades ago.

Eight years since the declaration of independence remind us of the ideals which bring us together, dedication to freedom and to the development of the country, and for the democracy which is being built every day, and at the same time, for the peace.

For this reason they are principles which define us as a nation, values which we create every day based on principles of cultural, religion and ethnic diversity, which we aim to realize in order to become an inseparable part of the developed world.

Kosovo is an irreversible reality; a peace won after a long and hard war; a freedom for which sacrifice was made; an eternal friendship with the USA, who stood so close to us in every single chapter of our state building. Kosovo is the added value to the stability and security not only in the region, an irreplaceable force of neighbourliness, and guarantor of peace for all, which opens the way to integrations.

 However, Kosovo today is an as yet unfinished democracy, challenged too, at a time when we need more strength to overcome the differences and more strength to deal with the disappointment.

State building requires will, love and strength of spirit too. It requires hard work to prove that law and order are the foundations of the state, in which we are all equal before the law, and at the same time requires lots more courage to end the culture of impunity for all those who are guilty for the difficult situation in the society, all for the purpose of building a different future.

Today is a day of celebration for all the citizens of Kosovo. A holiday in each and every corner of the state, a celebration of all those who see it as their fatherland and their soil, a celebration for everyone who lives within its borders  and of those who feel it as a state of theirs, wherever they might be.

Today is a day of celebrations for you as well, members of the Kosovo Security Force, who have successfully concluded your work of many months, in building of a new defence force, which you are so eagerly awaiting to, together with all citizens, to enliven your dream. Kosovo Armed Force is your future, our common future, the future of Kosovo.

Today is a celebration in Kosovo, in which every one of us senses that the future should be a bit different, where we need more work to show that we can change the present ourselves, but not with violence and force.

Not with the strength of the fist which brings pain and destruction, which challenges the institutions of the state, faith in which is shaken. Not with the denial of all that which we have built to date, and definitely not with the testing of our partnership with the international factor.

Today is a holiday, and usually we celebrate holidays together, all of us; in a dialogue which replaces non communication and misunderstandings, which change the viewpoints and keep alive the culture of agreements.

It is time to forget the spites, to overcome differences and it is time to build, and this all depends upon us.

We are not people who are afraid of the future, we make it, and on this eighth anniversary we need to get together again to write a new chapter of our state; based on knowledge, development and advancement with people capable to make Kosovo an irreplaceable part of the democratic world.

We shall be writing the history again- strengthened by the wisdom of today and ready for a future a bit more different.

Dear fellow citizens- have a happy eighth anniversary of the Independence! CONGRATULATIONS.