Speech by President Thaçi at the inaugural ceremony of the “Beau Biden” street

We are here to remember Beau Biden, and also reminisce a little on our journey together –the journey of the Republic of Kosovo and the United States of America, in this world full of challenges.

Honoured Vice President Biden,
Honoured Dr. Biden,
Honoured Biden family,
Honoured Prime Minister,
Honoured Ambassador Delawie
Honoured guests of the ceremony,

Today, we have gathered for a very special reason.

We are here to remember Beau Biden, and also reminisce a little on our journey together –the journey of the Republic of Kosovo and the United States of America, in this world full of challenges.

The late Beau Biden, to those who don’t know, besides being the son of Deputy President Biden, was also one of the Americans who served with due diligence and love in an after-war Kosovo.

Being a young lawyer and enthusiast, he helped build the first rule of law capacities.

He helped local prosecutors and judges acquire necessary judiciary experience, so that Kosovo was not only a free society, but also a country of equal rights.

I ask you to think a bit about this concept of being equal.

Vice President Biden is known, in the USA and worldwide, as a fighter for equal rights between people.

The rich and the poor, as well as each member of the majority and minorities, are all born on this earth, under this sun, with an undisputable right of freedom and equality.

Twenty years ago we were taking shelter in mountains, where there was no highway or new roads, and we were fighting for our freedom.

We fought so that everyone could be free in our tormented Kosovo

We had great luck.

The humanitarian intervention, by the USA and other allies, saved us.

Our strategic partnership for a quarter of a century has made us a country, made us a democracy, and brought us to the verge of Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Vice President Biden stood at the top of this long and important historic journey between the two states and nations, initially as a senator, and as Vice President of the United States of America, but also as the proud father of Beau Biden. 

Beau, who came to our country and gave us valuable time of his short life, shall remain, in eternity, a symbol of our common values.

Honoured Biden family,

Allow me to say a few words in the end:

Beau, a few years before his premature death, said “It is not always good to focus on the goal, without taking into account the means used to get there”.

At times, one must rise above momentary emotions and the noise of daily news.

We must look ahead.

Just as the road on which we are today, which is a new connection of Kosovo to the world, in the same way we should be part of regional and international solutions.

We, as Kosovo, must now provide solutions

We must give our friendship to neighbours, and close the chapters of the past.

Giving our hand to a Kosovo Serbian parent, still searching for his missing child, does not make us weaker, but rather that makes us bigger.  

Supporting equal rights for love of the LGBT community, does not make us with fewer morals, but rather gives us superior moral power.

Asking equal rights for a mother or a sister affected by domestic violence makes us stronger. 

Insisting on the dignity of war veterans and children of war veterans makes us prouder.

Moreover, strengthening strategic partnership with Montenegro, without any dilemma regarding the border between our countries, does not make us historical losers, but rather common winners with a secured NATO future.

If we fully normalized relations with Serbia, we will give meaning to peace – reconciliation between our two nations and countries.

All of us will be winners.

Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden,

I assure you, in this place, under the name of your late son Beau Biden, that Kosovo is a success story, a phenomenal story of the miracle done by the USA.

But above all, allow me to tell you that in this country, due to your work, the work of your family, and the work of late Beau, we are building a country equal to everyone.

I am sure that together we will succeed

Thank you.

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