Sejdiu: We stand by you in developing this very beautiful and rich part of Kosovo

“I am here to assure you of our full support, of the support of Republic of Kosovo’s institutions, and to tell you that we stand by you in developing this very beautiful and rich part of Kosovo”, Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu said in a meeting today with villagers of Koshtovë/Košutovo, Cerajë/Ceranja and Bistricë/Bistrica in the municipality of Leposaviq/Leposavic.

In an open discussion with inhabitants of this part of our country, President Sejdiu reaffirmed that a Kosovo belonging to all its free and equal citizens, regardless of their ethnic background, is the vision of our institutions.

“Kosovo is only meaningful with its entirety and as a united state with a territorial integrity and it enjoys the full support of international community in this regard”, President Sejdiu affirmed, assuring the villagers of the area of his further engagement in developing these villages and in urging the institutions to increase their presence in this region of the Republic of Kosovo.    

President Sejdiu told the villagers that he will come to the region again to thank and encourage them to continue to live and work in this region of Kosovo.

“It is up to Republic of Kosovo’s institutions to implement development projects that will enable the dwellers of the area to remain here and encourage those who left to return. This is also a safe area, because institutions of our country, with the assistance of KFOR and EULEX, are engaged in this”, President Sejdiu.

Answering questions posed by the people present in the meeting, President Sejdiu emphasized that Republic of Kosovo is a sovereign and independent country and that, as such and with its borders, has been recognised by many countries.

Further on, President Sejdiu said that any change of borders in the region is dangerous, so the position of Republic of Kosovo’s institutions remains unchanged: everyone in his house and within his state borders.

“Hereby – President Sejdiu added – “I call on Kosovo Serbs to participate in this year’s municipal elections, so that they can contribute to a better for them and for Kosovo”.

In the village of Koshtovë/Košutovo, President Sejdiu visited Eshref Bekteshi’s family, were he talked with the school-attending children of this family in  particular.

In the village of Cerajë/Ceranja, President Sejdiu paid a short visit to Xhafer Halili’s family. Like many other dwellers of these villages, Avni, a member of this family, addressed to President Presidentt Sejdiu the need for creating more jobs for the youth of the region.

Another issue that was raised by inhabitants of these three villages was the fact that they cannot watch the programs of Kosovo’s broadcasters.

A special reception for President Sejdiu was staged in the village of Bistricë/Bistrica, where the majority of dwellers of these three villages were gathered. President Sejdiu placed a flower wreath in the memorial site of martyrs fallen in the last liberation war in Kosovo.

On the other hand, the distinguished activist of the region, Mr. Haki Ymeri, Head of Community Office with the Municipal Assembly of Leposaviq/Leposavic, pointed out that a challenge faced by the community in the area is the immigration of dwellers, who, due to difficult living conditions, are compelled to flee abroad. He maintained that, currently, these three villages have around 300 inhabitants.

Besides Community Office, an Office of Civil Services, a Health Centre, a School and a Kosovo Police Station operate in the village of Cerajë/Ceranja.

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